First trip to Little Rock, Arkansas…

First trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, buying a house up there and we came up to check out some homes we found online. Spent the entire 3 days seeing over 25 homes and found one to call home, check out my full adventure and see some great places I grubbed at.

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Welcome to Little Rock, AR! Was like hmm how is this going to end up.

First night, hit up our Hotel

(Embassy Suites, Little Rock, AR)

Eh, firedrill at 3A.M. because of a prom and some kid pulled it, no word from staff on if it was real, when to return to rooms, any management non existent during this time. No discounts, late check-outs, drink coupons offered…


Flashback from 1980’s

This hotel was decent for the price, stayed here for 3 nights and it is in a safe area, parking garage, and parking all around the hotel. Did not try the dining options due to a grocery store across the street and smoothie business. The two bedroom suites are not two beds, they are one bedroom and then a couch with a pullout cot, this is the most uncomfortable pull out couch you’ve ever slept on.


King Bedroom

2016-05-02 11.47.08 (Large)

Hotel view looking out the next morning, LR is beautiful!

2016-05-02 12.04.59 (Large)

Retro but cool.

The Wi-Fi also only worked half the time from the passcode they give you, after the first night the host had no idea and had to call the Tech-Support line to try and fix it. The two pass codes for the WIFI were “PreferredGuest” and “Razorbacks” goodluck it probably won’t work. Overall the first impression of Little Rock was iffy, night time…

the next day (much better)


The Purple Cow, Little Rock, AR

So on this journey def hit up a food local food spots while searching for a house to buy, first spot “The Purple Cow” why? because Yelp showed badass milkshakes that were purple and why the fook not! -Well one reason they didn’t have a gluten free menu, BOOO.


Purple this, Purple that, Purple Rain?

I saw this place had purple shakes and had to go since I saw that lol. However this placed turned out to have an excellent service, great food, and great purple vanilla milkshakes. It sucks they didn’t have gluten free bread though for some of the sandwiches but the Berry salad I had was like eating candy, maybe not so healthy but add some chicken and bam you have an excellent tasty meal.


I’d come back here for sure again to grab a purple shake and berry salad. They have two locations in Little Rock that I found and can’t wait to check out the other one. Go Purple Cow.

Moving on…

Checked out about 10 houses on the first day in LR and didn’t capture much but here are few of the houses we looked at, one was all model homed with a fake TV the other one was not bad! Real contender.


Beautiful model home, except for it backs up to a free way boo.


Real Contender, but just to much home for 2 people


Look at that view, cheapest house was 500k!

2016-05-01 11.47.35 (Large)

Such a cool Brady Brunch looking street.


These houses are so weird, but awesome.


Huge pool, but a lot of work at this house.


Time for early dinner at the Big Orange


Excellent drinks and appetizer, seasoned chips!

Gluten free bread and beer, bread by local gluten free Dempsey bakery and beer by New Planet. This place had gluten free bread and beer! The service was decent, however the downside was on two orders they messed up, one didn’t have bacon, and the other didn’t have avocado. He replaced them quickly as he could but it was a slammed busy night. The White Truffle And Pecorino burger I had was tasty and the chips to go alongside it were perfectly crisp and seasoned well.

the big orange

Tasty burgers, little overcooked (my fault) but excellent.

Can’t wait to come back in the future and see what other burgers I can try, the bar and restaurant interior was pretty awesome and had a good vibe to it with a great crowd of people. Be sure to check this place out if your stopping by in Little Rock.


The day day we looked at more houses, talked to realtors, then ended up at a great spot called Trios which was mostly gluten free.


Trio’s, Little Rock, AR

Got a gift card to try this restaurant while I was in town and when driving by on Sunday I thought they were closed, however upon entering and realizing this place was packed with good ol’ folk I was amazed and excited to try this adventure of a restaurant. They offer gluten-free bread by Dempsey Bakery as well as Gluten Free Cracker Bread chips for the spinach dip and other meals which is EPIC, thank you Trio’s!!


Entrance was very nice and awesome glass art!


Spinach appetizer was tasty as well as the queso appetizer served in a hot skillet thinga majig. My sandwich I ordered had fig, bacon, jelly and turkey I believe and it was darn good and gluten free.


Got carried away with appetizers lol, gluten free overlode.

My patrons I was with enjoyed their dishes as well, the cold cucumber soup was an enlightening experience and something I haven’t had before and was very tasty, especially when dipping my sandwich in it. The service was excellent and restaurant interior was legit, an awesome glass sculpture along the wall and a full service bar.


See you soon Trio’s and thank you for having gluten-free potions for allergy sufferers such as myself.


Moving on… the last day in Little Rock.


This is how all the streets look in LR, all downhill or uphill, eh! no bike riding…


Flying out from LIT (Clinton National Airport) to HOU

I’m not going to get political so I will just review this Airport on its service, amenities, and facilities lol.


Approaching this airport, didn’t see it last time was dark out!


Very nice terminal for such a small population city.


This airport for a small town is not bad, excellent service, and a great variety of options to chose from, the terminals are nicely laid out plenty of room to walk get your private space and wait for your arrival. The TSA is also pretty quick and don’t give you a hard time.


Everytime I’ve come through here I get in and out with no problems, the only complaint is the rental car companies, they have over 100 cars always available to rent yet still charge like $80-100 a night?? Also the Thrifty guys who leave before the last flight comes in I have emailed the crap out of corporate.



Love the 1-2 seat arrangement, feels like first class.




Know your back in Texas when you see Farmland!


Sunny evening…


Grubbed some place called 3rd Bar in Houston before out home flight.


Thanks for joining me on my trip to Little Rock, AR now that we think we have found a house up there we can move into our second home. Sorry didn’t get to personal, I don’t like to share everything we do! If you missed last week’s post check it out below.


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