Weekend trip to Houston and College Station

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Had to go back up to College Station for a graduation party, but first had to drop the lady’s dog off at a Vet in Houston who is known for having his TV show on Animal Planet. This was like the most baller Vet I’ve ever seen, each floor was for a different species. It also looked like it was going to rain but we first had to stop and grub at Saltgrass which is always tasty and had some Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries.


Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries (gluten free) NOM.


Also, wouldn’t be a Texas road trip without a stop at Buc-EEs or Pjraseks

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Continued on….



Welcome to the most ballet Vet in the world.


They have valet where they help your animal and you out lol, sad city.

Onwards to College Station, Texas

Review of our humble abode, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson.
The lady receptionist that worked here was excellent and on point, there was one young guy on his laptop at the front that made no effort to offer personality or any conversation and was as basic robot as they come. Didn’t explain where the elevators were, what room we had booked etc.. just asked for ID and card didn’t say a word.


Bathroom newly renovated not bad

The rooms were decently cleaned, the shower windows were dirty water stained and all the amenities like shampoo, lotion was half empty which is disgusting in my book, please replace them with new ones before a guest arrives.



Some reals shitty beds with even worse pillows.

The WIFI super fast and took care of all my Netflix needs. The beds were horrible and like sleeping on a cot, especially with the little micro pillows they give you, it’s like a 3 pillows to equal 1 normal pillow ratio.


Pick a different hotel if your staying in College Station!

Graduation Day!

Headed to the Rudder hall to watch a graduation and was a beautiful hot day.


Looking at A&M Stadium DOH.


Rainy, hot, humid, ahh Texas.


We then met up at the famous Dixie Chicken for drinks & grub.

Dixie Chicken, College Station, TX


Unless your going for a tour, stay the fuck away from this place, look I get it some people like dank dark hole in the walls, but how this place passes health inspection I no clue one of the most filthiest dirtiest places I’ve ever been, no gluten-free options and straight up dirty as fuck.


Awesome history, awesome staff, dirty as shit.


Famous “bottlecap alley” next door, pretty cool.


Let’s take a look inside this infested old school retro spot. I love A&M and the history the Dixie Chicken has but when you neglect to clean, or update your spot without losing your charm you piss me off.


I mean it’s cool don’t get me wrong, but least gloss this shit up.


Pool was at least fun!


Texas Bar eh.


This was pretty sweet I have to say.


Felt like I needed a shot after this.


no gluten free bread no worries, I’ll eat burger steak.


Eh, this is what you call a dive bar.

anyways if you want to get drunk as fuck, check out the dixie chicken.


The next day we hit up Grub Burger Bar, much better option. Love the place as you know I’ve reviewed it so many times so I’ll just post couple photos from that sesh.



awesome moscow mule


Going to miss the Luau Fries, so damn good.



ol A&M water tower!


You kiss a girl under this tree… you will marry her says the legend.

Probably the last time I’ll visit College Station… so until next time see you again CS.

Headed home…



a stop at Prasjeks before heading home…


Thanks for catching up with me in this blog post, if you missed last weeks check it out below.

Quick Italian craving sesh at Bellinos Corpus