Carwash and a stop at The Post in Corpus Christi

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In Corpus Christi for a week and decided to check out this new spot called “The Post”. Also decided to get a car wash first so my ride could look fresh and feel good, look good you know. The post had some awesome cocktails, and pretty good service.


Oooh colors! Oooh Carwash smell!


The Post, Corpus Christi, TX


Cool spot that was a much needed lift in Corpus Christi, TX. Great drinks even though they took 10 minutes to make per drink on a slow day they came out perfect and tasty. The food was also decent and not half bad, sucks they don’t offer Gluten Free bread or a gluten free menu but hopefully one day, if your in the area scope it out, food photos below.



Good old french frys with shit on top, CC get fancy lol


Had some 10 minute a piece cocktails!


These wangs were pretty dang good not going to lie.


Non-gluten free sandwich which I heard was tasty.


Thanks for checking out my quick post on the Post ha! Check out last week post if you missed it below.

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