Little Rock Day 5, Big Orange, Fridge Shopping, and Tazikis

So after moving in and getting settled now it’s time to hit up some restaurants and do some furniture, appliance shopping oh some fun going down. First stop Big Orange, since I love Burgers and they offer gluten-free bread see my previous post “First Trip to LR” to see my review of Big Orange.


Sweet rum drinks in a cool Tiki mug, plus Mushroom Swiss Burger NOMNOM

Read more for some fridge shopping & an okay greek spot, eh.


Hit up Best Buy for some fridges, found some cool ones but ended up with a dope ass stainless steel fridge that is legit. The guys from Best Buy were total idiots and had 0 clue had to hook up a fridge even though the salesman and on their website it says “We won’t leave until it’s working” which they left without it working and I bitched out the manager and was like oh sorry that costs extra. The website, nor the sales person informed me of this, total bullshit will never buy a fridge or appliance from Best Buy again.



It even had the line ready to be hooked up, they couldn’t give a fuck to actually work and do their job.

Time for shopping for a washer & dryer now as well.


Onto looking into these washer/dryer hook ups, hmm time for google LOL.

Dinner at Tazikis

After shopping all day decided to hit up quick spot before trying out the Little Rock Mall. This place wasn’t bad, but wasn’t overly impressed either, tried one in Alabama before and was pretty much same experience.


Side portions are decent, Taziki sauce sucks horribly, real sad.


Lady’s pita, hated it.


Huge Greek Salad with some real sour sauce, eh.


First visit to Little Rock Mall.

Besides the usual jobless thugs roaming the malls trying to yell at random people and doing jackshit this mall was decent, and not bad, small enough to get around, and enough shops to take care of your business. Food court still in the 1980’s with the rest of the mall deco style.


Park Plaza Mall, Little Rock, AR


Dillards had some dope blue couches, almost got these, but were little too small.


Almost matching headboard to go with the couches, but who puts a matching bed matching with their living room furniture, I dunno.



This concludes Little Rock day 5 adventure, Little Rock is starting to grow on me, beautiful city, clean, trees, nature, and mostly friendly people I’ve encountered. If you missed last weeks post check it out below.


Moving to Little Rock, Arkansas Short Video