Gluten Free review of A.W. Lin’s Asian Cuisine in Little Rock

Found A.W. Lin’s (I call it awlins) on Yelp by searching “gluten free”. Beautiful restaurant, clean bar, clean atmosphere, and located in the friendly popular Promenade Shops on Chenal. So at first I was super scared because I wasn’t sure if things were actually gluten-free because Ive never seen in a restaurant “gluten-free eggrolls” before but the elite waiter Jared informed us they were and even checked the bag for us. They do have a gluten-free menu that is extensive for Chinese style cooking which is why I got a little skurred at first.

A.W. Lin’s website:


gluten free spring rolls, pad-thai, and Moo Moo Gai Pan! OI! at awlins

However, I had no adverse reactions and was so surprised a place has gluten free egg rolls, score! I got a San Peligrino and Thai tea which both were amazing. Also I’ve never tried the Moo Goo Gai Pain (also gluten free) and the white sauce with chicken and vegetables is so darn good and tasty, perfectly cooked and seasoned just right. Now I call it awlins and say let’s go hit up awlins for them eggrolls! Gluten Free Approved.