Whole Hog Cafe, Little Rock, AR

So I’ve had bbq in all the best cities, Charleston, Birmingham, Austin, Houston, Phoenix and let me tell you this is right on par with some of the best BBQ made in the world, when they have more then two sauces you know the place is legit, Whole Hog legit.

whole hog

Ate on our bed since we just moved in, had no tables!

Got it TOGO and had a feast at home of Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Brisket Pickles, like darn this is some good BBQ. I’m so glad Little Rock has an epic place like this that is also gluten-free in their sauces, the service was friendly and quick and also got a gallon of tea to go… I think I might just go back tonight. Also (All Gluten-Free) except the rolls.