Getting things setup in the new casa, designer chillin

So being up here I have a lot of free time to try and be Martha Stewart, it fails a lot but sometimes it turns out pretty good, so keep checking back for progress on my elite designer skills. So here are some photos of my progress and trip back to Texas.


Setting up my new security camera system, all IP cams, drop box


Got a new couch, turned out to big, but too comfortable to return

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Had to get a desk to work on, temp battlestation.


First temporary battle station from Office Depot, served it’s purpose!


First beer (Omission) in the new house, in half off Frozen Pint Glasses


Time to buy a shelf for the vinyl toys, so much selection, so much laminate, wow

my vinyl toys

I had all my vinyls boxed up, had to hit up Home Depot first thing to grab shelf to display all of them, they don’t like being boxed up.

buying blinds

Yea trying to buy blinds, fuck that, harder than C++

Headed back to Texas to return some stuff.

This awesome Christmas Tree Forrest it seemed like was an epic place to drive through since was my first time driving from LR to TX.



Beautiful Trees to cruise through

I honestly thought the drive was going to suck but it ended up being peaceful and chill, unlike driving to College Station where you have to go through city after city, and it ends up feels like it’s taking forever, this is 10 hours but also mainly two long roads.



Real chill… some Aderall/Howard Stern/Chill Radio/Tech Podcasts can’t go wrong.

Then after a week back in Texas working, I ended up flying back up to LR so much to get done. Had to get my designer skills back in action asap.

designer flying

Texas Airport

gluten free burger

First stop back (the Big Orange) gluten free burger love


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