Nadeau Furniture, Little Rock, Arkansas Review

Well after few days of setting up stuff I searched for more furniture stores and came across one called Nadeau which describes themselves as “Furniture with a Soul” which accurately describes their furniture and style. I love the place, it smells good, they have awesome selections of furniture. The not so good, we would have bought a lot more furniture here but the staff doesn’t help that much and seemed kind of burdened when asking them things.


Cool stuff at Nadeau, no returns!

The real issue is the store is totally unorganized, they throw stuff everywhere to make it more of an eclectic feel which I totally understand but when I’m trying to find two night stands, or matching dressers you have to look over the entire stuff to find a matching piece, then not know if it’s the same or not. If they would put matching collections together we would have probably ended up buying an entire furniture set from this place. However asking the staff every time “hey is there another one like this” gets real old real fast. Also if you get it home and it falls apart there is no returns, so It’s a dope store just badly managed, Nadeau just organize your store and you’ll sell a lot more.


So I’ll if your searching the web click read more for a bunch of photos of what kind of stuff they offer.


Some of Nadeau’s offerings, good luck finding a match!

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Nightstands should go with nightstands, dressers should go with dressers, etc.


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