Marketplace Grill Little Rock Review

Potato Soup at Marketplace

Baked Potato Soup wasn’t bad, but wasn’t wham bam pow either.

Eh, guess Marketplace Grill was an old Johnny Carinos restaurant what it looks like to me, when we arrived there was no hostess for a bit, and the restaurant was pretty slow on a Friday night.


Lady’s ribs, she enjoyed them, but no comparison to the Whole Hogs Ribs.

Our server was decent, they do offer a gluten free menu which has many items to chose from, however no gluten-free bread. All the burgers on the menu just had a -minus the bread underneath them, lazy but nonetheless thank you for trying.


Texas Grill “Cooked to Perfection” as she said it like a robot, AH RUN!

For main course, I had the the Texas Grill which is a half chicken with vegetables cooked to “Perfection” as they say, both were satisfying and the mash potatoes were the best part. I mean I could probably get this meal many other places in town but I’m on an adventure to try every restaurant in his city, so nothing at the moment to say yes let’s go back tonight. Thank you however for having a gluten-free menu.