Izzy’s, Little Rock, AR Gluten Free Dining


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So if your highly allergic to wheat, gluten, or a different kind of food allergy Izzy’s is your place. If you know your limits on what you can and can’t eat this place is amazing. Moving to Little Rock I was scared to think this city wouldn’t have any good gluten free options, however after discovering Izzy’s I was made, this little joint off Cantrell is wonderful and quirky all on it’s own.


Real feast goes down at Izzy’s

Izzy’s is a real locals joint with a real down home southern feel to it, the staff and people at the front are always nice and get you a table real quick. The gluten free menu is large (see photo) has many options for main courses, apps, dessert, beer, and what not. I’ve tried a lot of stuff but can’t wait to go back to try more. I always start with a fresh brewed at your table black tea and then pour it over ice. Yes brewed at your table, epicness. Go check this place out. The BLT and Nuttybird are my favorite dishes at this restaurant.
Only downside is they close early and there closed on Sundays. Thank you Izzy for providing the local community with an option to serve people with dietary restrictions, your amazing.

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