Best gluten free bakery in the world, Dempsey Bakery

Finding a place as epic as Dempsey Bakery in Little Rock is like finding a diamond in a coconut, just awesome. An all gluten-free bakery.


Dempsey Bakery, Located in downtown Little Rock, was once a corvette dealership.

Moving here from Texas I was hoping there would be a gluten free restaurant or too but I certainly didn’t expect an entire bakery! First visit was amazing, this is a gluten free/food allergen paradise for someone who’s searching for quality food.

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Dempsey Bakery Continued..


Soon as I walked in I was welcomed by the nice bakers and I was already sampling and sniffing everything around, they have coolers with frozen goods ready to take home, an entire bakery on the other side where one employee was mixing some stuff up, and a display full of dessert goodies.  I can’t wait to go back to try lunch, they serve lunch until 2PM which includes sandwiches, salads, and pizzas!

Olympic Cookies

Custom Gluten Free Olympic Cookies that were so damn good!


Took home some fresh baked bread and made myself a sandwich, probably one of the best gluten-free breads made today. The meatloaf dinner was so darn good I couldn’t believe it was all gluten free, and the Allie-O’s nomnomnom. My favorite snack was the Owl sugar cookies, now that is a cookie I could eat daily.


gluten free bread

Get this bread while it’s fresh, some thick amazing stuff.

dempsey bakery

Made a haul on this trip, got a bunch of goodies.


The frozen meals are quite pricey at $10-$13 but they are delicious and gluten free.


Fully custom owl cookies, nomnomnomnom.

  Thank you Dempsey for having a allergen friendly bakery for a person like me, be back soon.

Dempsey Bakery Website


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