the Pantry Eatery, a German gluten free spot!


the Pantry’s gluten free menu

The Pantry Eatery is an excellent food option for Gluten Free dining located in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have two locations one in West Little Rock and one in Hillcrest.

First time we tried to go here couldn’t find a parking spot so we left, the parking lot was so small, and it was weird because we looked inside and it wasn’t that busy. However we came back a few nights later to an excellent experience.

They have a gluten free menu that will make a allergy foody take a second look, I mean some of the dishes are awesome and something you don’t get everyday anywhere. Especially German food. The cocktails are real iffy, some good, some are downright nasty, however the Daiquiri is one of the best I’ve ever had.


Full on German experience at the Pantry in West Little Rock

The Savory Pantry pie is what I ordered after our appetizer of Deviled Eggs which were very tasty, this excellent tasty pie has “Hearty Goulash Stew and Mash Potatoes” it was good, and even good for leftovers. If your in the area check this place out, it was a cool restaurant with a modern German interior and great service.