H-town love and stay at the Hotel ZaZa


Welcome to Hotel ZaZa

So recently had a quick weekend vacation in Houston on the way back to Corpus Christi and we stayed at Hotel ZaZa, a quaint boutique hotel with cool views, cool meeting rooms, and mostly great service.

However my first stay at the ZaZa for a medical conference was a let down for a $269/night hotel. First issue was the AC didn’t go below 75 degrees.

I called the maintenance and they worked on it for about an hour and then explained now it’s blowing 55 it’s fixed. Came back to the room that night and hot as can be, sweated all night and was to late to switch rooms after all of our stuff was unloaded and leaving the next day anyway.

(at check-out the lady took off a $50 room service charge for this issue which was awesome and unexpected).


Some beautiful views of Houston at the Hotel ZaZa

Hit read more to see my full review of Hotel ZaZa, a non gluten free friendly hotel.


Hotel ZaZa Continued….



Love old school apothecary feel to amenities, nice touch Za.

Also I expect high prices but for a smoothie, chicken and french fries room service was over $50. The chicken was tasty but super small, the french fries however were amazing and full of taste. Also our room didn’t have a price list for anything in the fridge, or snacks on top, thinking a bottle of wine couldn’t be above 20 bucks it turned out we drink a mini bottle of wine that ended up costing around $50.


All this was $50


Chicken was decent, fries were excellent however.



The worst part is being in a city with a gluten free bakery and not having an allergen friendly menu nor a properly trained staff that was aware of food allergies. She had to check with the chef on each item, also told me only 2 items on the menu were “gluten-free” when asked about chicken so said oh yea that’s gluten free too.

Hotel ZaZa is NOT allergen friendly as far as food/room service accommodations go from my experience. The room also seemed kind of dated with cool shabby chic stuff to make up for the lack of cleanliness. This hotel should be priced under $200 to ever make me want to come back.




Does offer some impressive views though.

Ruggles Green

Next day had lunch at Ruggles Green, my favorite allergen friendly restaurant in Houston.


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