The Pass Houston 8 Course Tasting Menu


Tasting Menu

Did the Pass tasting menu with a party of 4 not to long ago and was a great experience.
We first were brought to a wait at the bar next door which has excellent cocktails and all priced between $10-$20 which is a little steep for the amount you get, but excellent tasting none the less. Then you get brought through the Provisions side and walk into a magical door that opens into the Pass.

They accommodated gluten free status as much as possible (not having gluten free bread was minus 2 star). However the experience with an open kitchen, being able to watch the chefs work and prepare each dish was awesome.

tasting menu

First few courses at the Pass

Now if your coming for GOOD food this probably isn’t your place, 2 people at our table literally pushed half the dishes aside since they said “no thanks that is bad” however the foodie in me and my college brosive were devouring each bite while snap chatting and enjoying the atmosphere and food. It was tasty but totally understandable that this was a foodies place to enjoy different items other than Whataburger. For over $500 it wasn’t that badly priced but I wish the food tasting could have been a lot better, I’ve done quite a few tasting menus and this was about average on presentation and food quality at least on the night I went. Also took about 3 hours.


3 hours later still getting served lol

Probably will come back for Provisions, but knocking the Pass off my bucket list was a must, and probably wont return to the Pass.