WDW Trip Day 1: Port Orleans Riverside & Disney Springs

Day 1 Continued: See previous post for flight in & airport grub sesh. Read below for my full report on Disney’s epic resort Port Orleans and a trip to Disney Springs, dinner at Raglan Road, and a few other adventures.


This is where the real magic starts and it all hits you, YEEEEE.



Found our resort sign, time to turn.

I found this resort online and doing my research, especially for people who are gluten-free and allergic to certain things, even though most resorts have all the specifics for allergen people. However, the gluten free beignets are what got me most interested in staying here, even though they are at the Orleans side it was a quick drive. Also before you stay here you must watch the movie “The Princess and the Frog” It’s a Disney movie that this hotel is based on, glad I watched it before we stayed here.

The sign right when your driving in.

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After approaching the gate.

Sorry for the blur, but soon as you enter you travel back in time!


It’s an impressive entrance to say the least!

Port Orleans

Oooh the magic begins oooh the magic begins

port orleans

I mean they had face painting, drawing, etc all going on in the lobby!

port orleans

Looking outside it looks like a magical oasis (especially if you’ve seen the movie)

port orleans

Don’t be fooled! We caught ourselves some weird fake impersonators…


Checking In & Room Review

Checking in was painless and we booked through trip advisor for regular rooms, but when we got there I busted my charm out and asked the lady if it was possible that we upgrade to the royal guest rooms. We told her that we saw them online and were adults and thought it would make us feel like kids again. She simply called a manager I’m assuming and upgraded us for free. These rooms were sold out online, and on their website, simply put, just ask and receive it wasn’t hard!

port orleans

This is the real magic… Soon as you walk into those Royal Guest Rooms, the Mickey towel! My favorite.

The rooms themselves were about 2 blocks to walk to the cafeteria and bar, but the walk was beautiful, especially if you bring some rum with you. Push a button and your bed lights up, I felt like a 7 year old girl transported to a magical land and I’m a grown adult. The Royal Guest rooms are the only way to go here, only place I stayed though.

After settling in, you can see how magical these rooms are!

port orelans

Press a button and the bed lights up!

port orleans

Small bathroom but luxurious.

The cafeteria “River Market” has many gluten free options, gluten free pizza, gluten free mickey waffles, gluten free donuts, etc. It might take a little longer but simply ask to speak to a chef and he will HOOK you up! It was pleasant. Also drove to Port Orleans Nola side and got gluten free beignets, yes please and thank you.

port orleans

Some of the Royal Guest Room accents.

Gluten Free Breakfast one morning, excellent.



(I added in a day 2 item since this is the Port Orleans Review, it’s the beignets!) This guy greets you at the door, and it super Disney famous! I forgot his name but if you google it hes probably posted with more kids than Minnie Mouse! Also below is the epic Gluten Free beignets I had to try. If you google gluten free Disney World the one thing they always list is to hit up French Quarter and try the gluten free beignets, could they have been better (yes) but were they amazing (yes). They are worth the trip, also get the sauces and dip them, I would have except the service was complete shit when we went.



Gluten Free Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter

Gluten Free Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter


Pops had a burger and was pretty pissed off, looked like a kids meal. I’d def not stay at French Quarter, just seemed whack.

Everyday they also had one of these buses parked out front being loaded and unloaded!

Thank you Port Orleans:Riverside for making us have a wonderful magical stay, we will be back.


Let’s go check out Disney Springs!

After checking and hitting up the amenities at Port Orleans the first night we decided to check out Disney Springs since we had a full week ahead of things to do.

port orleans

Cross a bridge to make our way back to the lobby, we parked near our room but moved the car to lobby to grub first.

disney springs

Dunno who that guy was lol, let’s take the escalator down after parking. This place has expanded 10 fold since last time I was here.

It’s really picture perfect and a lot of beautiful scenery.

Was packed too!

New trendy shops on every corner.

I’ve wanted to go here since hearing about them online so bad! Finally!

To your right of the Hangar bar you can see a fountain with people dancing and singing.

Such a cool spot with great artwork, named after Indiana Jones theme.

Much custom cockstails, much wow, much theme, much DOCTA JONES! Love this place.

I had to order like every cocktail since I don’t know when I’ll be back, they come in the most awesome mugs possible.

Moving on, cool view of the Boathouse outside.


Dinner at Raglan Road (gluten free amazeballs)

After hearing about this place online, and being fully gluten free on a lot of dishes that normally arn’t ever gluten free anywhere we had to go. Had about a 45 minute wait but that’s okay because you can chill at the bar while you wait!

This is a beautiful Irish pub, beautifully made.

Gluten Free Fish & Chips with Gluten Free Onion Rings of course because why the hell not! Still dreaming about that.

Lady had a gluten free Irish Stew I think which was amazing too.

We sat right next to the stage that had tap dancing, folk music, live music, and entertainment, It doesn’t look or sound like a family place but trust me, they had little kids dancing non stop! Check this place out, Raglan Road in Disney Springs is the place to be.


Found this crazy Disney dessert place close by and was amazed, some gluten free cakes but none the less this was some amazing artwork!

Some random shots of Disney Springs, they have a lot of cool things to look at and check out.

On the way out I saw this booth, the foodie in me had to stop and grab some. Then realized it wasn’t gluten free and had to throw it away. I was still full anyhow!

The marketing was great however, and awesome. Reminded me of the food & wine festival.

Awesome shop!

Disney Springs

That’s it for day one! We were way wiped and tired, from an 8am flight, hotel check in, to Disney Springs, we packed a lot in for one day!


Stay tuned for Day 2 at Walt Disney World.

Check out my previous post on the early part of the day, was to much for one blog post below!

Disney World Trip: Day 1, Flying in and a quick bite.