WDW Day 2: EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Part 2

Wouldn’t all fit in one post, so bam we continue on to the World Showcase & Food & Wine Festival, first stop wine booth.

This was part of the chocolate/wine booth area which we didn’t stop at 11AM so we thought we’d come back here later in the night. We did grab a quick bite at wine booth =P

Hit that read more to continue on!

Some random shots walking towards Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic Booth

Photos below are of the quick grub sesh at the wine booth!

I hate scallops but because of Disney, I think I loved these.

Lil cheese snack course / part was not gluten free.

Futuristic Looking Booth (looked a lot cooler at night).

Cool wine bottle display!

It’s so dope how they create dope ass scenes like this in the middle of October.


Onto, Islands of the Carribean

This was a cool little “mini island” they had Dominican Republic, Patagonia, Puerto Rico flavors within their Islands menu, only one thing gluten free the Mojo Pork which was excellent, also the island frozen mojitos were bomb.com

Island grub sesh, see the ball in the background!

Scenery of the Islands of the Caribbean

Few of the offerings, I only tried the Mojito and Pork, nom.


Shot of the Festival Shop, wish they had a lot more merch, mostly grandma type shit.

Cruisin through Canada

I’ve always wanted to grub down at La Cellier, maybe next time. Not many gluten free options here except their steak which was tasty. I love the shop here and grabbing some maple syrup candies, shit is so damn tasty.

They removed and replaced this iconic totem pole! bunk ass.


Didn’t hit up Scotland since they had 0 gluten free offerings. Fuck you Scotland, fuck you.

United Kingdom

One of my favorite parts of EPCOT, it is a dope section with multiple offerings of different foods, you don’t even need to enjoy the food & wine festival here. Also grab that WINE sample asap, and grab some parfume on ya.

The Castle! United Kingdom – EPCOT

All the shops, flowers, and the smell is amazing here.

What some of the items these stores contain, this was the ladies section.

International Gateway to France

If your at a certain hotel on Disney property you can enter the backway through EPCOT through the Gateway, in the distance of pic below you can see a Disney entrance, it’s little known to tourists!

Just catching some breeze on the International Gateway towards France

Looking back towards the EPCOT Ball

Looking towards France (looks busy, must be a show)

I only ate the alcoholic push pop, FTW!

Awesome wedding boat, wine flights, cheerings, and posing.

Inside French Bakery (nothing gluten free, fU frenchy)

My other favorite country BRAZIL!

Everything is gluten free, yay. Those cheese rolls thou =)

Slushy, cheese rolls, pork belly, fuck let me go back alrdy.



Also a gluten free haven, except by this point your probably totally full and can’t eat another bite, if so grab some iced green tea from the bar behind Morocco so darn good.

New bar they put in on the backside facing the Lagoon.

Ahh time warp Travel.


You can get lost in there, no joke.

Love this inside part.

I’ve gotten so much stuff from this store in the last few years! Aladdin FTW

Japan here we GO.

One of my favorite countries because it has dope ass Japanese toys! Also sake!

On the way to JAPAN!

You go Sake Bombs, they go wtf thats American thing, I go SAKE BOMB, na jk. Love this place.

Strawberry Calpico was pretty darn good, love leaving Japan, the views from the 8.

That’s it for Part 2 of EPCOT Food & Wine Festival, I couldn’t fit it all in one post, so take a look at Part 3 which should be out tomorrow!

If you missed part 1 check it out below and leave a comment if you dig it!

WDW Day 2: EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival