WDW Day 2: EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Part 3

Part 3 of our Food & Wine Festival posts, we will begin part 3 with America and the Hops & Barley booth, sadly nothing gluten free.

America’s Booth, Hops & Barley. Check out their Menu below.

America, Lobster Rolls, Beef and Carrot cake, should be a McDonalds menu.

Let’s continue with some cool views of America, they also had a Chase VIP lounge which if you have a Chase card you can enjoy the lounge and hang out. They had free sodas, water, etc. However the booze you had to pay for which is total bullfuckingshit when they say free refreshments, no mention of COST to buy alcohol, Fuck you for that Chase.


Onwards towards Italy

Welcome to EPCOT Italy!

Stopped in the secret bar in the way back for some pick up.

Added a gallery below to check out Poland, China, Norway, Africa. Also a sneak peek at the Hong Kong Shanghai Disneyland Preview Center. If not forward on to La Cava De Tequila past the gallery!


La Cava De Tequila, Mexico Pavilion

This is one of my favorite hidden Disney World spots, it’s a Tequila bar hidden away in EPCOT’s Mexico pavilion, you can easily find in by going in and looking to the right, it’s usually loud and bells ringing, check it out below. It also has some of the best themed,scenery in the entire park!


Waiting in line to get some TEQUILA!

Soon as you walk in, it’s dark, Mexican music playing, and smell of TEQUILA

We got that Ambhar Silver, tasty stuff!

Mixin that tekillya up.

This lady blowing some glass bongs, JK, more like Mickey Ears!

Aye yay yay aye aye

Our cabballero adventure!

Inside of this place is so dope.


Moving On…

There was this booth Patagonia that took the cake for the #1 Booth, it had these Parmesan crusted lamb lollipops HOLYSHIT they were good.

Quick Norway Grub Sesh

Norway’s Selection

Celebrate Anna’s Birthday!

Don’t forget to get a shot of Aquavit!

Got to ride Frozen after it was broken down multiple times!

Que on the inside.

It literally looked like Arendelle, you were enclosed but looks like your on the outside.

Oy! Harbor Master!

Remember those walls use to have Vikings on them =( RIP MAELSTROM



Walking back towards the Entrance of EPCOT

Grabbed me a Dragon Berry Refresher for the Trip

Lady got a Chronut

Might as well stop at the Chocolate booth or nah?

Love this scenery at night, so badass.

Chocolate Errything! Also two were part gluten free lol.

Toasting the night away!

Quick ride on Figment! Love this RETRO old school ride.

Saw this behind the scenes at Figment ride, anyone know what it was used for?

Quick ride on Finding Nemo, which is so badass, and really chill.

Quick Ride on Spaceship Earth, how could you not?!?!


The Rush at Mouse Gear… always closing early!

This place has always had dope lighting, never eaten here, always wanted too.

Grabbing those cruising out shots!

Always check in here for cool unique items, including camera equipment!

Gluten Free Section!

Until next time EPCOT

Thank you!

Never noticed these on the way to the Parking Lot


Thank you for checking out my Part 3 of EPCOT Food & Wine Festival adventures, if you missed Part 2 check it below, stay turned for tomorrows adventure as we continue on to another Disney Park!

WDW Day 2: EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Part 2


Took a monorail to Contemp resort to catch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom