WDW Day 2: EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

stand clear of the doors

I made a gif out of the monorail pics I took.

Day 2 Blog Entry:

Today is the day my fatself is super happy because we are headed to the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival! If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a bunch of different countries that you walk to instead of fly and try food from their culture, it’s amazeballs. They also have gluten free items at most of the countries so you glutenators can join in the fun. This will be a large blog post, if you missed Day 1 go back one blog post! Enjoy yourself.

Here we go!

When you see this dope sign you know shit’s about to get real!


You should probably click this music link before you proceed below:

Take your photo at night with your family, much better opportunity!

The Food & Wine Festival Entrance (so pumped!)

That music hits! *google* EPCOT Entrance Loop your welcome

Doesn’t look THAT busy just yet..

Found this in the guest relations building, anyone ever been inside this VIP entrance??

Boohoo shut down, hopefully will open up to something dope!

First stop grab some black iced tea to get my pep moving!

My favorite part of entire Disney World experience.

Wow it’s not even 11AM and this place is PACKED already.

Oooh yea get to try out the new Soarin

Love this sign.

Love these new re-packaged gluten free choco bars

Getting ready to board the best ride in the world.

There is a creepy pasta story about that house on the top right, super ackward.

What I didn’t notice the last time I was at the Food & Wine festival was some of the things grown in here will actually say “Used in the Food & Wine Festival” so some things they grow in here actually end up at the booths! Which is totally organically awesome.

I need this in my backyard.

The LAND! thank you for coming along on the LAND journey, until next time.

Let’s continue on to the World Showcase! Festival Time!

First Booth, Greenhouse Guru

They had many healthy/gluten free options, that duck Confit was so damn good. (top 5 booth)



2nd Booth, The Chew Collective

This was in the Next Eats booth section and had a variety of eats, not as good as Guru but tasty, and only 1 gluten free option.


All I can fit in this blog post before it starts to freeze up on me, check the next blog post for a continuation on the Epcot Food & Wine Festival, if you missed yesterdays post check it out below.

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