WDW Day 3: a super busy day at Magic Kingdom

Day 3 of our adventure begins heading over to the Magic Kingdom, and holy shit was it packed. Towards the end of the night we ended up getting the heck out of there and heading back to EPCOT, but here is my update/photos of that day since it’s technically the magical place! Also sorry for some of the image quality, had some mess ups with my new camera and a lot of the photos came out real grainy.

After exiting the Monorail, let’s see if it’s going to be a busy day?!

Getting closer to the gate *que magic kingdom music*

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Was also October if you didn’t notice so everything was Halloweened out! Which is actually awesome, almost better than the Holidays.

Didn’t do MNSSHP, I want to though.

Yup, look’s like it’s going to be packed.

Never seen it this busy when going in.

Ahh Walt Disney would be proud.

Looking Fresh on the inside!

TIP: Don’t forget your free button at City Hall!

I have no clue what this was? Maybe something to do with those magical windows? Like Harry Potter style or what?

Caught these dudes cruising out!

Happy Halloween!

I walked in and it’s like a real barber shop… really, how crazy!?!

the #magicshot

Ahh, the smells, the sounds, the magic begins.

Decided to start left to Adventureland this time!


Okay I’ll add a gallery below to make it easier to see all the photos from the day at Magic Kindom! Also below it the ending adventures.

Magic Kingdom Begins! Swiss tree under construction. Def a packed day, shit! WIZARD WHAT IS HAPPENING? secret area? You shall not pass! Oy! Jack! This was onj the floor, I wonder. Dope Whip! yes! Nom! Actually a funny show.


Okay it got way to busy way to fast so we decided to GTFO real quick and head back to EPCOT because we love food to much.

We did teleportation fast to get us the fuck out of here!

The sites on the way out are to beautiful.

That’s it for Magic Kingdom 2016, wish it wasn’t as packed, I hate that.


Tomorrow we go on a fishing excursion! Check out yesterdays blog below if you missed it:

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