WDW Day 4 PM: Animal Kingdom!

I think they are pink because they eat shrimp?

After our fishing excursion we went back to our hotel Port Orleans and changed and showered the fish off of us. Then set sail in our trusted minivan to Animal Kingdom (which we knew would be the hardest day). Since none of us are in shape and it’s the most treacherous territory to walk and it was also super hot that day which we were hoping would be a cool day!

Anyways I love Animal Kingdom, especially since Safari Mickey is my version of Mickey.


These parrots love to greet you when you walk in. No crackers pls (there gluten free).

Where to now? (busts out map) ok hit read more.

I guess we were like let’s hit up the gift shops? Animal Kingdom always has cool shit to check out.

They had a parrot show going on, I’ve never seen this!

I’m thinking (this would go for like 2000 on eBay)…

an Animal Kingdom themed Starbucks? Dope! Black Iced Tea

Future FB pic when he’s 30


What I love about Animal Kingdom is you can smell the flowers, trees, nature. I don’t know if they pump scents into Animal Kingdom like I know they do EPCOT and Magic Kingdom if they do I want that smell. After seeing a kid pose with a character I’m like you know what we need to find a character to pose with and when we did it lit up our faces and brought smiles to our adult selfs. Knowing it’s for kids is what made us laugh and thats the Disney magic that brings out your inner kid when your posing with a character. They are real though so thats part of the magic.

I read about this online and I randomly saw it and tripped out! It’s a totally gluten free booth! HOW EPIC?!?! However it’s all stuff that I eat on the regular that you can get at any grocery store. Now when Disney starts making there OWN gluten free products I’ll be impressed.

I know there is a bar around here somewhere… it’s not to early.

Let’s take an artsy shot, lol.

Found the BAR, Cheers. Forgot what I ordered, rum something, did the job.

Love the architecture of Animal Kingdom, so well done.

animal kingdom

This band rocks, and that guy has been here since I was a kid, hes a triple triple OG.

Lunch at Tusker House Character Buffet

This place had 5 star quality meal’s and grub sesh damn it was good! So many random options and the gluten free options were epic and new flavors, etc. However the characters missed our table and the management here can go fuck themselves. However besides them making us wait 30 minutes for nothing if you can get reservations here do it, this place is epic and I’ll def come back.


So well themed and put together, I miss it.

Food was good, drinks lacked creativity, however awesome place to have lunch.

Cool streams everywhere, had to test out the new camera.

Getting closer to the tree (we were headed to Bug’s thingy)


Had some time to kill before the Bugs Life show so since we missed any characters at Tusker House because there pieces of shit we decided to go meet the park owner Mickey and let him know whats up.

I want this framed in my house (SAFARI MICKEY!)

We met Mickey & Minnie and told them, and she said she missed me and loves me. All was forgiven.

Check out the rest of my adventure below in gallery format! Click through!



Thank you for following along with Animal Kingdom, check out tomorrows post at Universal Studios. Also if you missed my last entry about our Disney Springs Guided Fishing Journey check it out below.


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