WDW Day 5: Universal City Walk & Chocolate Emporium


Welcome to Universal Studios! Day 5 of our adventure we checked out City Walk after we left the Universal Studios park, and ended up grubbing at the new Chocolate Emporium which was awesome!

Where we were headed to go eat, was super pumped to go to this place! Chocolate!

Moving along…

Beautiful Hardrock Views.


HardRock Cafe across the river from where you walk in, haven’t ate here yet. Almost to much of a tourist trap these days, so no thanks.

Had to get a togo Margarita, hello they have a walk up bar!

Now more places need to be like this.

My review & photos of Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen

This place was EPIC! I’ve seen so many youtube videos, snapchats, disney blog posts about this place and finally went around the time it opened. Sure we had to wait an hour and it was jam slammed but it was worth it. The theme, service, quality of food was all 5 star and on point. They also have a gluten-free menu and epic gluten free options to chose from which rank this as one of my top 5 restaurants Orlando. Check it out! I need some chocolate now, who’s with me?


It’s literally like you won a golden ticket and got access to Willy Wonka land!

Chocolate Toothsome I was ready!

When you walk in they have a bunch of glass containers full of chocolate and merchandise to purchase.

Everything was for sale, king of like you can eat everything in wIlly wonka.

Our potato chip nachos, not corn chips yay! These were delicious. Even the glassware was dope.

My first drink, was like a chocolate something with rum forgot but was excellent.

This sweet steam punk man walks around and talks like a robot! So cool.

He was a work of art.

Probably worth over 200k in Chocolate

Ma’s entree forgot what she got but it looked good.

Dads board of food.

Ladies Ruben on gluten free bread.

Go me I got a burger go figure but it looked so damn good at the time I had to, was so good.

My second drink, aged dolphin rum with bitters and coconut + coconut flakes. Literally amazing and drinking it out of that glass was time travel.

This wasn’t gluten free but had to capture it.

This was gluten free but forgot what it was, toffee something!

This chic is a true time traveler, she didn’t know what Mickey Mouse was.

Cool bar area, I’d def chill here.

Long line for them tasty treats at Willy Wonka.

Until next time.

*ahh so full what next*


Thanks for touring Citywalk with me, however I didn’t capture a picture of my favorite store but it is P!Q check it out next time your down there simply amazing.

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