WDW Day 5: Universal Studios & Harry Potter

Looks like a cat to me.

Day 5 WDW: Well not really WDW but still all in the same universe of sorts, we wanted to come specifically to check out Diagon Alley since last time the park was closing and we didn’t even discover it until by accident since it’s hidden! Crazy I know but finally we made it so heres some photos of our adventure! I’m not sure if it was because of the people or weather or park in general but this time around Universal Orlando seemed down right “ghetto” to me in a way.. I don’t know why.. it seems they have lost their class.

Famous Earth at the entry way!

Not sure why we wanted to check this place out, but none the less Hello Kitty was there. Their marketing team is whack trying to say Hello Kitty is not a fucking cat, what’s wrong with chu?

Continuing on our Universal Journey


This was a new store that sells movie props and stuff from different productions. BE AWARE: they have fake movie production items too, you have to look for a certain yellow tag.

Cool movie bottle props from background scenes.


the authentic movie prop tag. Want a $3000 wooden steering wheel?

However props to Universal for actually having a store like this, that place was awesome just wish stuff was more affordable but I understand having unique one of a kind items comes with a price!

I’ve never heard of this, I want to eat here???

I use to shoot a plastic barney figure with a BB gun in my backyard.

Nothing gluten/corn free. BULLSHIT

Gluten Free Buns but takes extra 30 minutes. BULLSHIT

1964 Worlds Fair? or Men in Black? Or BOTH!?!!?

Some fool kept creeping out the window.

We made it to Diagon Alley! First stop BUTTER BEER AND APPLE JUICE

You can never have enough wands right? Universal thank you for HP

Lunch at Leaky Cauldron

I mean for normal people I guess this place is pretty awesome but being gluten free it kind of sucks and it’s nothing special. I wish they had more gluten free options for us to enjoy. Universal fucking sucks at taking care of people with allergies, especially in Harry Potter World.

Toast to Universal and Harry.

A secret restaurant entrance? LEAKY CAULDRON HERE WE COME!

Where is Hermione at?

Need them to decorate my house.

First wait in line (which usually moves super fast)

Kegs on Kegs, I need this installed at my house, I’d be living the dream.


Finishing off my first butter beer, gearing up for the next.

Eh, gluten free bun, some shitty bacon and side salad. Not even their fries are gluten free. Fuck You Universal.


Even the windows have beautiful etchings, theming all the way around is dope!




Love this shot I got of the cool wall and lamps.

we saw kids here making their own potions/drinks, was kind of cool.

Brings me back to my youth, this is total culture submersion (love it)

Well to Eternelle’s!

Gallery of Photos Below

Thank you for joining my Universal Blog Post, if you missed yesterdays blog, or actually the blog post before we hit up Universal check it out below.

Walt Disney World Preview Center 1971