WDW DAY 6: Last day excursion at Hollywood Studios

Beautiful, slightly hot day.

It’s finally come to our last day in Florida on our 2016 adventure to Disney World, Universal Studios and always the “sad” day, however we will return soon and the magical adventures will once again come! This is also a super pumped day for me because we finally were able to make a reservation at 50’s Prime Time Cafe which is literally known as one of the best gluten free restaurants in all of Orlando, and it turned out to be awesome. This park should also charge half price, literally 80% of the park is under construction such an eye sore right now, pathetic D, lower the price to Hollywood.

Always wanted to know about this statue so I did some research this time.

As you make your way down Hollywood Boulevard, towards the Sorcerer’s Hat, on your left you will find a bronzed statue of a cameraman working a movie camera.

Underneath the statue is a sign with a quote, “Movies are a medium of expression like a symphony orchestra.. or a painter’s brush or canvas” -Walt Disney.  Why is this life sized statue there and who is it?

The statue was made by Aldo and Andrea Favilli in 1995.  Andrea Favilli was a Disney Imaginner, who joined Imagineering in 1987 as a laead concept designer.  Favilli worked on a number of projects in Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Island, Pleasure Island, the Animal Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

The statue itself is based on the original statue that Andrea made with his father that is located in Hollywood across from the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank.   Interestingly enough, the original statue was commissioned by Roy E. Disney and Shamrock Holdings, which was meant to be a piece of art that celebrated the art of film making.

The man in the statue is a generic film maker, not based on anyone per se.  Imagineers had a replica built at the Studios since the statue’s message of honoring film making fit in perfectly with the theme park.

This place always has a line, and we passed it a couple times. I guess their chicken nuggets are pretty damn good. It’s so cool it’s out of a ship, wish there was more backstory here.. if you know let me know! Maybe something out of Hollywood?


Get yer nuggets and super sandwiches hurr.


Ahh the frozen theater, Elsa must be inside?!?!


No Indiana this time, I was like 5 last time I remember being scared shitless of the rolling ball coming down.


I’ve always loved this, I’ve seen so many photos, and reviews of it this time I was coming back after lunch.


50’s Prime Time Cafe Review

If your gluten free or have any kind of food allergy, this is the place you need to come, simply amazing. From the service, to the decoration and to the overall character of this place it’s unlike any other themed restaurant. Especially when you can get gluten free chicken pot pie, it’s a true time machine. ONLY If you can get a reservation.

Yes! Time for Lunch at 50’s Prime Time Cafe!

Walking in to this ol Cafe is like stepping straight into a time machine.

Off to the left you can see the bar area which has awesome cocktails.

We had to wait about 30 minutes past our reservations because I think people like to enjoy and sit longer than usual here. Here is a menu and you can see they have sweet glowing cups, who wouldn’t want Buzz Lightyear Punch?!

Buzz Lightyear Punch with Rum + Glowing Cube!

Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie (also corn free) simply amazing, I haven’t had chicken pot pie in years and this was totally a unique treat.

Lady got “grandmas leftovers” it’s like a bunch of random leftovers haha

mom freaking out: omg this is exactly how our house looked growing up!!

I wanted this table but maybe next time


After a delicious meal (we were so full) I had to get some ice cream at this place even if I couldn’t eat it just to say I went here.

Waiting patiently for ancient ice cream.


What are you ever going to chose?

Lady got chocolate + vanilla, I ate half of hers.


I mean I dislike Star Wars, it’s way to main stream these days… Hollywood Studios is still my least favorite park and been under construction past 4 years.

Even this was under construction as well, totally confusing layout. Also why the HELL did you get rid of Pizza Planet? What’s wrong with you.

More construction as you move along, literally everything was behind the main entrance part of the park, bunk as fuck.

Lady totally getting swagged out with Disney popcorn Halloween Mickey.

Wonder if they have almond popcorn? Being allergic to corn sucks sometimes!


This ride is legendary and all but they should def update it to make it longer with current movies as well. Would make coming back here more interesting. The Great Hollywood Movie Ride.

Even Frozen was under construction, what the heck!

Dad was down for this show so decided to hit it up, got a fast pass and away we went. They are def hardcore about moving seats in and in, like chill the fuck out.


Not going to lie, this show was fucking awesome.

It fill’s a lot of seats!

Disney please remove corn syrup from all your goodies, +also have a bunch of gluten free ones. I can’t eat ANYTHING in these, grr!

Nothing like a grand margarita while waiting in line at Tower of Terror! This place was awesome and the drinks were excellent.


And on the way out towards the airport… until next time. Hopefully Hollywood Studios you will have your shit together.

Well that was a week long adventure in Florida which literally is the most magical place on earth and what life is all about, transporting yourself out of the norm and into a different place that makes your brain crave creativity and more and more entertainment everyday.


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