Delicious Temptations Breakfast + Trip to Galveston TX

Couple update posts on my last week of October where we had breakfast at a great spot called Delicious Temptations in Little Rock, a dated eatery but one of the kind of places you expect to find in a small town. Also it was delicious and service was excellent, also packed because the old people sip coffee for 3 hours while people wait! If your in the area check them out I also traveled to Galveston, TX to see my friend get married which was pretty cool and fun.

Tasty omelette full of delicious breakfast flavor.

With bacons + sausage, syrup oh my!–>Read More




Ladies breakfast platter bam bam.


Had a friends wedding in Galveston, TX so thought I would post a couple photos of sights out my hotel.

Could see the Galveston Island Pier… it was popping, didn’t have time to go.


Galveston views.

Zoom in shot on the pier.

galveston island

Galveston was apparently ballers paradise back in the day because they have a lot of old mansions.

Even some crazy statues.


They have Mansion Tours if you wanted to check them out.

That was a quick update Dillon, good job.


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