Downtown LR Grub Sesh + Antique Finds

Had a gift certificate from our realtor for $100 to a place called Bruno’s Little Italy in downtown Little Rock so finally made our way downtown to try it out, however when we tried to go in they were still closed at 4:50 and didn’t open till 5, so instead of being a good business and wouldn’t even let us sit on the bench we said fuck this place let’s go next door to this place called Samantha’s Tap Room which was pretty cool.

However the Dinner entree’s didn’t look that appetizing so after a few drinks + apps we headed back to use our gift cert at Brunos. Also we hit up an antique mall before all this and find some good stuff.


Cider + Greyhoud. Tasty Artichoke (marinated in soy, BS) Some shroomies. Not bad, but not over the top good for downtown Little Rock.


Bacon wrapped filet tendons, these were best part of the meal. –>Read More



Back to fuckface Brunos Italy to use this gift certificate. Should have let us sit down and wait the 3 minutes out. shit.


We were full but knew we would never be back so had to use the gift cert + took half of it togo. Downtown Little Rock is ghetto and dangerous.


Gluten Free Pasta at least! I think that’s what I got.

Ladies lasagna I think? Pile of tomato sauce!


We spent the first part of the day hitting up an Antique Mall and had some dope finds! I made away with all this vintage Disney stuff for under $40.

Vintage Disney Finds!


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