Second week of November 2016 Happenings


Kitty loves to chill in the window with mass killa face on.

This week I decided to buy a WoK after seeing some Japanese/Chinese cooking styles and was like hell yes let’s fry this shit up. So the WoK I bought from Krogers turned out to rust after a week (piece of shit) however the first 3 meals I made out of it were pure bliss and beauty. Also hit up another antique store and tried to climb a mountain. Wok along!

wok cooking!

This was the recipe for the Wok Stir Fry (gluten free)

Was amaze balls, Im going to wok more often when I find a new wok.

Read more to come along and check out Crystal Hill Antique Mall and my finds.

Welcome to Little Rock’s Antique Museum, because everything was so jacked up on prices you just look, however there is an antique mall across the street I ended up finding some stuff.

I wouldn’t recommend Crystal Hill Antique mall to anyone.

However I found this dope stuff at the mall across the street (forgot the name).

I found an old bottle of Dr. Hands Cough + Croup Medicine was $5, also got a 1977 Lightsaber (first ones ever made) for $20 but it didn’t have the inflatable saber part but was still awesome. I love vintage themed flashlights. Also found a Mickey with “sarah” written on the bottom of the foot from the 70s, found some Mousemilk which looked like Mickey Mouse and a tin trashcan from the 80’s for $15. Some awesome finds I’d say.

Next night Wok Sesh.


So the lady wanted to use my Wok because let’s remember Woks are dope as fuck and she ended up pwning my Wok skills and made the most epic wokdish ever.

Also served it with Moscow Mules, would have thought.. so damn good.

Quick Regret: Not buying these vintage mittens in the original box for $100.


We found another antique shop and now I have added these plastic dudes to my collection. Marx from the 1960’s and were $2 piece.

This was a sweet balloon lamp I saw, didn’t buy it but looked steam punk.

Some flea market crap, cool though but not antiques da fuq.

This lady had an entire Disney booth, all 90’s shit but still love the dedication.

Wanted this from the 80’s but not for $28. Minnie holding a perfume bottle.

This Pinocchio Donkey is now in my collection, however Pinocchio is missing (he should be riding him).

Had a bunch of cool stuff, I always snap photos and then go home and look at them in case I missed something.


That was the first week and a half of November, check out last blog post below:

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