Attempting to climb Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock

So I’ve discovered this mountain near our house called Pinnacle Mountain and it supposedly has some pretty good views. I figured since I have my camera and what not I might as well try to climb it and document it. The first time I went up I just filmed a little bit and wasn’t in proper attire, the next day I tried to go back full gear and got my ass kicked by moms with babies on their backs. Assuming I was so close to the top I realized I was only on marker 4 out of 10! It means I really need to get into shape to finally conquer this beast, and I will before the years up!

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is located just over a mile from the northwest edge of Little Rock, AR, in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. The primary natural feature of the 2,000 acre park is Pinnacle Mountain with an elevation 1,011 feet (308 m). It rises over 750 feet (230 m) above the nearby Arkansas River, which sits at about 250 feet (76 m) above mean sea level. Source: Pinnacle Wiki


Views from marker 4 where I had to stop, check out my video journey below of the previous day. I got pinnacle whooped.

My first attempt at using my new camera (Canon 70D) with (18-55MM) lens at doing something productive.


Time to climb down! I’ll continue to update this post with my Pinnacle climbing attempts/adventures so keep checking back *out of breath*