the toasted yolk in houston, tx

Tasty Gluten Free Review
+no gluten free bread
+Omelets however are excellent!
+famous hash is gluten free

Had some business in Houston and was heading up to the Woodlands to hit up an antique mall and used Yelp to find the best brunch spot around, was pointed to the Toasted Yolk. This modern day eatery features a full bar, ample seating, huge parking lot, and great staff.


Toasted Yolk in Houston, TX, tasty but no gluten free menu/bread

The food quality was excellent at the yolk, the blueberry iced tea was epic tasting, and the Omelet I had was huge and super filling, the famous hash they have is also gluten free.
If your in the area, check out The Toasted Yolk, awesome spot.