It’s fall! + grub sush at layla’s in little rock

So Arkansas unlike Texas actually has real season’s when it’s fall shit actually falls to the ground and covers everything. I had a yard man then realized the next day when the yard looked the same again covered in leaves I shouldn’t hire a yard man until after winter, ha.


Look at those leaves, crap attack that’s a lot. *runs in leaves*


Laylas in Little Rock, AR – tasty med fair, interestingly decent, not that amazeballs

This is for the Layla’s on Cantrell which doesn’t have a YELP after being there for over a year or so what the guy told me. However this hidden gem I just found by driving by and going wow where did that come from. Decided to turn around and pull it, wasn’t that busy. Simple chill cafe nothing fancy but does the job with food quality and taste. Was pretty decent and I’ll def be back soon to try a different dish. Mostly everything is gluten free besides all the bread but tasty!