Last post of 2016 + New Years Dinner 2017

Well 2016,

that was a great year, traveled to many places, ate a lot of food that is for sure. Well all we can do is move forward in space and time and never look back, unless I visit my website chillinfood then I look back and it’s cool.

Day 360 Christmas Approaches, I try to create a custom meal (another wok dish) we also eat at a mystery restaurant. Also get some cool christmas gifts and eat at the ladys house. Then we cook ourselves a dope ass NYE 2017 meal at our new house fully custom.

Were lazy as fuck sometimes, since we didn’t have any ornaments bought a $30 thing from Target and threw that shit over top, BAM instant Christmas tree. Alright look down how to cook wok.


Step 1: Cut shit up, Step 2: Choke the Chicken, Step 3: Cut shit up, Step 4: Cook shit up, Step 5: Fry shit up. Recipe is also excellent, turned out Deliciouso –>Read ON


Let’s move forward with mystery restaurant. So I checked the dates and not sure where I checked in on YELP where I ate so I have no clue where this was taken.



However since I don’t remember the restaurant name I don’t remember if it was good or not ha. Go 2016!

Assuming this was the ladies. I will found out where this was hmm.

Back in Texas for Christmas Time.

My favorite Xmas gift, Walt Disney Eliteness= Disney Dollar + Disney Stock Certification

Lady’s Mother’s Cooking, Excellent Stuff.



*shoots fireworks

*counts down*

*shoots more fireworks*

goodbye 2016

Back in AR for New Years! First NYE in the new house.

GO 2017


Fullyu custom butterfly table + 60’s retro chairs with steak, mash, squash and some lovely cherry wine! Bam! Was epic! With our fully custom Disney Silverware


Tag along for the next post!