Little Rock Zoo, Professional Zooby Review


Little Rock Zoo Welcomes You!

Been to this Zoo a couple times now and it’s pretty large and decent. Takes few hours to complete and pretty clean. I’d say 20% the animals here are rehab animals and have server conditions, especially the cats which is sad to see but also a good thing if they are taking care of them.

If you need someone to come love your kitties everyday LR Zoo please message me I’ll come everyday and throw treats and give good kittie rubs. The arthritis they have is sad to witness in such small cages but I’m sure y’all take good care of them.


Can’t wait to check on mah kitties in the LRZoo.

The cafe is pretty large, a lot of room to sit down, some junk food options and that’s about it, no real healthy nor gluten free choices and I’d be afraid of any cross contamination to try anything.


Some fresh hay, you know whatt hay hay hay.

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One piece of advice LR Zoo (I’ve been to over 50 Zoo’s in America, see my reviews). Get some ORIGINAL merchandise, it’s really what makes me think a Zoo is fully complete and a real authentic zoo. When you have generic zoo merch anyone can buy online it makes you seem cheap, now I know you’d rather spend the money on animals I get it. But try to budget some funds towards original merch, statues, vinyl figures, mascots, unique bags with your name on it, cups with your name on it, etc. That’s all, I’ll be back to check on the cats soon.



Overall Little Rock Zoo receives a solid C

+No original merchanse

+cages to small

+cages need medical care

+need a new horticulturist keeper

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