MN Week Day 2: Minnesota Zoo & Sealife Aquarium

So I think this will be 18th or 19th Zoo around the USA. If you did not know my goal is to go to every Zoo I can possibly get my hands on. The Minnesota Zoo would be a Gucci, or LV brand if it was a retail store. It’s on the higher quality end with unique merchandise, excellent architecture, and huge animal exhibits for roaming space which always makes everyone happy. They had a lot of cats and they love to play and climb trees.

a Zoo that also has an Imax? All day affair right here.

The part that also makes this zoo awesome is there indoor birdarium/terrarium place which is beautiful and very well themed. Including an indoor rain shower like these animals legit think there back in their own turf.

all these cats are snoozin on the job!

The only downside? Well most Zoo’s I know to pack my own food however being so large I thought they would have something and a lot of children visited this place totally lacks any food allergy concerns. Or staff trained to deal with such issue. The lady at the Penguin cafe had no idea what gluten free meant nor any recommendations, I asked her co-worker since she didn’t think of that idea on her own and she also had no idea about gluten free or food allergies.

My only advice to this place? #1 get your monorail working, what the heck man. #2 Please offer gluten free/food allergy options to the masses, this will change the Zoo dynamic across the country if you adopt this first. As many children come visit you, it’s ashame they have to pack their lunch, why not offer gluten free bread for sandwiches, or cookies, cmon. Anyways thanks for taking care of all my cats. Hit read more to see my full Zoo gallery.


Full Minnesota Zoo Gallery Below!

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After the Zoo we came back to the Mall of America to grub and hit up the Sea Life indoor aquarium. Check it.


Forgot what restaurant was called but was a gluten free spot, they did fuck up on my burger three times I can tell you that.



Minnesota Sealife Aquarium


Was a pretty cool spot with good aquarium vibes, the coolest part was the fact they had a large under ground tunnel you could see everything in the tanks through, was a mind trip.

Swampy Vibes with some wild life

Stingrays as you ride down on the escalator

Longest under water tunnel I’ve ever been in.

Oy Mate! Irwin will get us, hide!

Half fake, half real terrarium.

I mean not that bad for inside a mall, but still overpriced.


Thanks for viewing chillin.


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