MN Week Day 3: Breakfast at Birchwood Cafe, Minneapolis, MN


Tasty Gluten Free Review
Location: Minneapolis, MN 55406

So wanted to find a new restaurant to try on Vaca in Minnesota and used YELP and the Birchwood Cafe by typing in gluten-free sort by highest rated for brunch. Wanted to also get drunch (haha).

So I’ll with hold my political views since this restaurant is HIGHLY political in every possible way (coming from Texas it’s a culture shock) however, if you have good food I don’t care what you do.

Oh My Gahh, a sweet potato, rice flour, kale, bacon, fried egg waffle, see full ingredients below

From the entrance to the last bite this place is truly a 5 star restaurant and deserves every award in the book, it needs to be on TV, national attention, and all employees brought to light this is a hidden gem. You get your menu at the front, figure out what you want and order with the lovely lady up front. All items are noted with the GF status if they are gluten free. They had the largest selection of unique gluten free items I’ve seen in awhile, now I opted for a bunch of food since I have to try everything that is unique. Started with a Gluten Free Pyro American Pale Ale brew which is tasty! (I then got the “booch” which was SO darn good).

Inside of Birchwood Cafe


Gluten Free Beer!

I ordered some food as appetizer but it all came out together but it’s okay I feasted. The split pea soup, the fresh sweet potato chips and fries with some mayo was epically tasting. My main course was the Belgian waffle that was gluten free made with rice flour, and kale and something else served with bacon cubes, fried egg, and some cilantro type sauce and powdered sugar. Let me explain this waffle, Id literally book a flight just to come eat this waffle then fly home in the future and I promise you I will, I have done it before for certain places. It’s also all Instagram worthy!

Sweet potato + brown rice + kale waffle, caramel apple butter with lemongrass, poppyseeds, shallot cilantro butter, bacon lardoons, sunny-side egg, maple syrup, powdered sugar (gluten free)

Ladies gluten free pizza nomnomnom

You were truly awesome Birchwood, thank you for offering EPIC meals for allergy sufferers such as myself, I promise I’ll be back. We also took some deserts to go which were excellent!

Some EPIC gluten free desserts!