Branson, Missouri Day 1 and Chateau on the Lake Review

So me Mimi has been recommending hitting up Branson, Missouri forever and I know it’s an older people town but since collecting antiques I thought it would be an excellent idea. Also I found they have the world’s largest toy museum so yes let’s go. First night we drove in from Little Rock which is about a 3 hour drive and stopped at few aniqtue spots (all overpriced) and cruised through the Ozarks. Waterfalls on the side of the road were awesome.


This is what part of the drive looked like.


View from our hotel Chateau on the Lake after checking in. (snazzy hotel but shit service, I mean shit service).

Read more to continue on day 1. Chillin Continues.


Getting Basted, Branson


So the only spot open after checking into our hotel and hanging out until 9pm was Getting Basted which is a BBQ chain that’s attached to the Theatre that the Texas Tenors play out. Old people central!! Watch out. We got in right before the show let out thank goodness.

Gettin Basted

Tasty Ribs, even better Milkshake.


Spotted the Texas Tenors signing on the way out.


Chateau on the Lake Resort Review, Branson,MO.

Gluten Free Review
+gluten free bread
+knowledgeable staff for breakfast about allergies
+dont bother with their super overpriced spa (check out Bodyworks 1/4 the cost)

This hotel is beautiful, interior and exterior clean plus the beds are also super comfortable and they do offer free wifi + parking is not to far either. I did a month long research on hotels/motels all over Branson to stay at, some deals are better than others. Got a great deal at $100/night for this only 4 star hotel in Branson on Hotels Tonight. Besides 0 service/training this wasn’t a bad option in the end. However……

Checked in and everything was good and asked the lady if it’s possible to get an upgrade, she said I can’t but can show you the upgrade room for an extra $49/night I said are y’all busy this week or what, she said no were dead. Literally over the 3 nights we saw maybe 10 people, this hotel was a ghost town.

Did grab room service since they had gluten free buns (eh get rid of fake dusty flowers)

The bell boy showed us a lake view room that smelt like vomit/mold was totally disgusting *that was the upgrade* I said ok show us regular room. That room smelt fine and literally had the same views just no balcony. I said there is no way to upgrade for free at all and still was a no (which I sort of understand but did this hotel’s management ever go to customer satisfaction training?) I’ve always been upgraded at a slow hotel all over the US. Also our rooms AC was on full blast the entire time at 60 the lowest it would go and never went below 72, AC didn’t even work in our room.


The next night we went out and got some food and came back that night with leftovers and said could we please get a fridge sent up to our room, she explained it’s $20 a night. I explained well since it’s real slow is it possible to get it comped this time?

Bed was comfortable.

She said no sorry. I was shocked. So we decided to go find a place later and eat our leftovers and discovered 2 dead fish in the hotel pond downstairs by the movie theater, wouldn’t they check that at least daily? Sad.

So after losing many stars in my customer relations book the final straw was some 6″ft dude 200lbs guy just walking into my room with no knock or nothing and see’s me pant-less and says oh sorry and shuts the door and walks out. Let me explain if I were in Texas it would have been a totally different story. Also we requested late check out on the last day so we could sleep in and the maid knocked at 11:00, 11:17, and at 11:42. I wrote it all down. So there went my extra hour of sleep because lack of communication and management in this hotel.

Bottom line to Chateau I know it’s slow season and I know everyone who work’s your front desk is not from America (which I have 0 problem with) however if your going to hire foreigners please teach them customer satisfaction and how to make customers happy because this is amateur stuff, your a 4 star hotel who penny pinches your guests who are there to enjoy themselves. If you were busy or peak season maybe I would understand. I guess you scrape by on the older generation and knickle and dime them to death to survive. Please send your management staff back to school or fire them.

Good luck.



Anyways continue on to Day 2 of Branson, MO! The Hotel wasn’t that bad, but the management and lack of service blew my mind.