Branson Day 2: Silver Dollar City & White River Fish House

So Silver Dollar city is:Silver Dollar City is a theme park in the US state of Missouri. Opened on May 1, 1960. The park is an 1880s-themed experience that fits Branson’s vision as a family-friendly vacation destination with down-home charm. Silver Dollar City’s operating season runs from mid-March until late December, with the park closed during the months of January and February.

So now you know, I read about this which is why another reason to come visit Branson, and we went when it was hot, I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in the colder months to go back and check it out. Before the park we stopped at a Craft mall right near our hotel which turned out to be a bunch of old people shit and sewn together homemade junk crap. Like Hobby Lobby type crap, but they had a grill in the back so we grubbed lunch.

Pickin Porch Grill (sounds racist) No gluten free bun but fresh stuff and tasted good.


Let’s goto Silver Dollar City! Hit read more

Silver Dollar City Photo Gallery Below

Check out the gallery of photos I shot at SDC, check check check em out!!


Buy your tickets, no host needed.Silver Cider - amazing.Ozark's nature is wonderful.

Will update once I go back in the cold season, it’s going to be awesome.


White River Fish House & Downtown Branson

After Silver Dollar City we went home showered and changed and came back to the downtown Branson area which is popular for dining, shops, and hanging out. We ended up eating at Bass Pro Shop’s restaurant called White River Fish House because it was only place with a decent gluten free options/menu (so I thought).


Fish House from the outside, pretty cool and themed restaurant.

GF Review
+no gluten free menu
+our waitress had to go back and forth to chef to ask (annoying)

Get with the program White River, get a gluten free menu for being such a main stream staple in Branson and owned by Bass Pro Shop.

However, our waitress was cool socially and the food and drinks came out fast. Ended up getting a grilled trout with potatoes + broccoli which was pretty good. They also serve cornbread at the beginning when you sit down (not gluten free) which the lady loved. Also the interior is pretty cool and the views are awesome. Also you can feed the ducks before you walk in.

Cool spot but would love it if they offered a gf menu.

Menu didn’t have gluten free items noted but our server was somewhat knowledgeable.


Awesome views, even a huge zipline in the background.


Gluten free as it comes! Pretty tasty.

Lady’s fried fish (she didn’t like)


After checking out downtown Branson we headed to this antique mall called “The Apple Tree Mall” which is open till 2A.M. dope! However there wasn’t much cool artifacts we found to purchase, eh.


Thanks for checking out day 2 of our Branson, MO adventure.


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