Branson Day 3: Worlds Largest Toy Museum

Worlds Largest Toy Museum?

Yes I think so let’s go. But first, breakfast at our hotel (which was the most pleasant experience of our stay).


Brunch at Chateau on the Lake (beautiful views, empty restaurant, but hey gluten free buns!)

Worlds Largest Toy Museum

Hit read on!

Worlds Largest Toy Museum Cont..

So this museum was pretty dope, real old school building, and a ton of dust. Also has a BB-Gun museum in a separate building you get access to which is pretty legit. You can take all the photos you want and they have so many childhood memories it’s nuts. I think they could do a lot better job on displaying and lighting which kills alot of themed exhibits but still AWESOME.


So if your in the area, go check out the Worlds Largest Toy Museum, pretty cool.

then moved on to an early dinner at,


Dinner at Black Oak Grill

Tasty Gluten Free Review
+no gluten free menu
+no gluten free bread
+waitress was knowledgeable about certain dishes

Since Branson is horrible at the gluten free scene which amazes me this restaurant kept popping up on Yelp as the top rated gluten free restaurant. Yet it doesn’t have a gluten free menu which also amazes me it turned out to be excellent.

Sit next to the water, the views are excellent and service was great. The cocktails were decent but nothing amazing. The food was very good and overall a great spot. Instead of frying my wings they baked them and were super delicious. I also go the pulled roast beef which with mash and vegetables which was seasoned, juicy and mouth watering. Love it.

Great Job Black Oak Grill
note: get a gluten free menu!!


Thanks for checking out day 3. If you missed day 2 click below.

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