Gluten Free Chic Fil Le, Maumelle Park, Butcher & Mexican


Gluten Free Chic Fil Le Bun

This a late June catch up post to catch myself up at light speed ok, thanks. Each one of these could have been their own post but had to compile some to save some time. June is a wonderful month in Little Rock, very beautiful and a little hot. Not nearly as hot as Texas, the humidity is almost non existent here.

First up I tried the new Chic Fil Le gluten free bun that comes in it’s own wrapper that you probably should toast first at home, was a little chilly. It was decent, but I’d prefer an udi’s bun over that. I do enjoy their grilled chicken nuggets though.


Two Rivers Park Bridge

The Two Rivers Park Bridge is a pedestrian and bike bridge connected to Maumelle Park. The bridge is 1,368 feet long. It’s also a biotch to ride your bike over, but it’s a very clean bike ride and adventurous at that! Check it out and click read more. June Adventures!


Riding over the Two Rivers Park Bridge

Two Rivers Park Cont.

Check out some cool photos I got of the adventure.


You can see the highway while crossing this bridge, cool.

Looking back on a wonderful June day.

the Adventure begins, 000o0o0o0

Arkansas in June is beautiful.

Love it.

This part right here smells like a fresh pine forest, so amazing to the senses.


Round 2 at Butcher Shop

Had to document the excellent tasty goodness again.


This shrimp is awesome, super fat people but good.

Excellent cheap tasty Riesling.


Bacon wrapped filet, okay. NOM


Santo Coyote

Near our house and pretty damn good food, makes me feel like im in Texas. Also blows Texas mexican out the water pieces of shit.

Awwww yea.

Ladies mexican something something, looks good. (not gluten free)


Well thanks for checking out my June update, Chillin out, will be back soon for another chillinadventure lets go people, cmon. Or just me, this is for myself only so I talk to my kitties okay meow out.