Dallas Trip: Day 1 Checking In and Medieval Times

So family took a trip to Dallas, Texas for the weekend and we hit up Six Flags Over Texas & Medieval Times. Turned out to be a great trip. Six Flags was pretty cool and chill and wasn’t that busy. Medieval Times was awesome and pretty darn epic, being a medieval fan it sure hit the sweet spot. We were on the red (VIP) team and of course our knights won the battle,HUZZAH. Also saw that magical Elsa plane on the way in to Dallas.


Stayed at some Embassy Suites that was decent, however management was a high school drop out I’m sure.

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Dallas Adventure Day 1 Continued..

So after checking into the hotel I decided to enjoy some redbull + vodka while I waited for the rest of family since my flight got in first. I had a great time sitting by the hotel pond enjoying some drank and recharging my phone up. Also was testing out my new lens on my camera.

Dallas Vodka Redbull Recharge Action


Off we go, reservations for the 730 show, it’s time to joust and have some MEAD.

We got to skip the line since we were VIP you know, Kings official guests.

Cmon In!


Pass out dem badges HUZZAH!

My chalice for the knight.

Protecting the doors.

Looking unto thee gift shope miLord

Let’s Go!


Little setup, I love all the branding and merchandise.

Oy mate, gon joust each other balls.

Line up for ye king ye servants!

“kiss my ring finger” lololol

I need one of these uniforms.

HUZZAH dinner is served

More lining up

aye after thee battle where it’s ghost town

goodnight Medieval times until we meet again


Medieval Times is dope and you should do it probably every 10 years or if you have kids who knows, multiple times. I enjoy it and love medieval history, to me it’s something that was real like dragons doh. It brings you nostalgic joy of your heritage and who knows maybe one day we shall joust again. See you tomorrow for a Six Flags Adventure!