Memphis, TN – The Memphis Zoo & Dinner Bounty on Broad

So on day two of our trip to Memphis we hit up the Memphis Zoo, turns out the Memphis Zoo is a top contender for literally one of the best Zoo’s I’ve ever been too. This Zoo has it all, it’s Disney quality and it’s easy on the feet. Also multiple stations to eat, shaded areas, and places to sit.

I don’t need a detailed review, all I can say is if you love Zoo’s the Memphis Zoo is worth a flight to stay the weekend and check out. Even though Memphis is pretty ghetto, this Zoo is literally the best thing going for it. Also tried a gluten free spot called Bounty on Broad, tune in after the gallery below.


Welcome to the Memphis Zoo!

I’m loving the Egyptian theme since I have Eygptian Mau cat’s I hope they have some awesome cat selections to view! Memphis Zoo onward!


Very themed and detailed, love it.

Only $15 for one of the best Zoo’s in the country.

Ahh so amazing, I’m like damn M town you got a dope Zoo so far!!

Check out the animals below in the Zoo Gallery

Any questions leave a comment, half of these birds I don’t think I’ve seen in a Zoo before. Some rare pokemon in here.


The gluten free selection was pretty weak. They have a mobile site or a third party that listed all the gluten-free options at different places. We went to one where they were suppose to have gluten free bread, however the high school staff had no clue and din’t know what to do, bummer. Next this other place was suppose to have gluten-free nuggets but was out. I wish the Memphis Zoo would get there allergen stuff down, then it would be a truly 5 star experience. Since they lack that I had to give it 4/5 stars.



Thank you for visiting the Memphis Zoo with me

Bounty on Broad, Memphis, Tn Dinner

Used YELP to check out gluten free options in Memphis, this spot was top rated. Had to check it out, was located in some gentrified area with a bunch of hipsters and no where to park. Service at first was on point, however the bartender literally made shit drinks or has 0 experience making drinks. The food was decent, prob come back for seasonal dishes.

This was like a Chick Pea Appetizer, was ok….

Chicken + Mash, decent meal.

Poutine Fry Appetizer, was also okay nothing BANG.

Bounty on Broad, eh. 3/5 stars.


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