Las Vegas First Class for Defcon, Blackhat, and Party.

So my friends & I decided to go hit up Defcon, and check out Blackhat this year in Las Vegas and also hang out since one moved across the country. This was a totally slow time in Vegas and perfect weather. A lot of new restaurants, bars, things to check out since the last time I was in Vegas so come chill along in this 2 part blog post of our adventures.


Some real shitty Airport “smart bar” with crappy food.

Anyways read more to check out the start of our adventures in Las Vegas and catch a first class flight. =)


Trip to Las Vegas

So everytime I book a trip now since I have a lot of points I always try to upgrade to first class since it’s that saying “Once you go first you never go back”. The seats, service, food, drinks, are totally worth it if the flight is over 2 hours. This time I had to upgrade.


Preflight drink + nuts. Outlets to charge all devices, etc.

I didn’t call ahead for a gluten free meal, but she hooked me up with everything she could find that was gluten free.

Personal space is everything when flying.

We ended up eating at the Venetian Cafe the first night (always a favorite)

Then hit up the Minus 5 Ice Lounge, also a favorite.

Libertine Social, such a cool place to look at.

Day 2 Adventures


Black Hat Dab

Oh yeah, weeds legal in Vegas now! We had to check it out. Maybe a lollipop?

Treasure Island Dab

This place is beautiful at night

Our buddy gettin hit on by a hooker

Day 3

Grub sesh at Mona Ami Gabi at Paris, love this place. Gluten free friendly to the MAX.

Gluten Free French Onion Soup! NOMNOMNOM

Salmon with Pea Risotto, damn good brunch.

Moving along…

New cool street sushi place in the middle of Paris Walkway

Onto the Bellagio

Always smelling fresh and amazing sights.

I need this in my backyard.

Sights & Sounds

This took some time and effort!

to the Mandalay bay to see the Michael Jackson show

Some EPIC hacker group dinner meeting, ahh jealous.

Saw piece of shit Lebron James at the One show, security was blocking peoples views

It was an okay show, not my taste. Prob the worst “Cirque” show so far.


Moving onto day 4 in the next blog post.


If you missed last weeks entry check it out below.


Memphis, TN – The Memphis Zoo & Dinner Bounty on Broad