Chicago Day 2: Do-Rite Donuts and Museum of Science+Industry

Day two of Chicago was just as dope as day 1, we decided to venture out of our hotel and find some place to grab breakfast. I found on Yelp a super awesome spot called “Do-Rite Donuts” that had gluten free donuts. We walked 0.4 miles and was the smallest NYC looking type of place but sure enough had the most amazing assortment of donuts I’ve ever seen. Also the gluten free ones were yes the best gluten-free donuts I’ve ever had. If not the best gluten free of anything I’ve ever had.

even my favorite organic chocolate milk!

Then we were off to the Museum of Science+Industry which happens to be an old World’s Fair site from 1893 that is still standing and a monument to behold. Didn’t even realize it until I left.

Built in 1893 for the Chicago Worlds Fair, so cool

Read on to check out this amazing journey, a must stop for anyone who likes to travel.


Back to Breakfast at Do-Rites

Do Rite Donuts has a few locations around Chicago where we were at and let me tell you they were the best gluten free donuts in the world. If not the best donuts period, if your in Chicago and love donuts do not forget to go here and check this place out.

I miss this place already.

ohhh emmm geee

So crispy, warm, fresh, gluten free heaven

How is this gluten free I have no clue?


Chicago Museum of Science+Industry

After we had that delicious breakfast we got in an uber and headed about 20 minutes south to hit up this Museum that is apparently top rated on TripAdvisor. It also happens to be the old Palace of Fine Arts building from the Worlds Fair of 1893. Check out information below on this amazing Worlds Fair. I wish I would have known in the beginning the history of this place, but none the less I was there!

We got dropped off in the front and then you go “underground”, the entrance is below the building, ahh!

You then take an elevator down and exit and go WOAH.

Could not believe how large it was on the inside once you get out of a tiny elevator.


Here we go! Check out the full gallery below.



On the way out to the Museum store!


This was by far better than any of the Smithsonian’s in Washington D.C. If you get a chance be sure to check this place out. It’s Disney quality.

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