Disneyland Trip Day 1: Flight In + California Adventure

So I’ve been dreaming of going to Disneyland since I went when I was like 11 and after going to Disney World so many times, it has became a reality! (wishes). We flew first class on United which was fucking amazing and worth it for the 4 hour journey.

First thing we did? Grab in and out burger. I’ll try to make this a 3 blog post series but we did a lot that week including the San Diego Zoo, so hopefully I can fit it all. Tag along.

Once you fly first you don’t go back. So true.

I mean when in rome… we had to right? They didn’t have any gluten free buns but they did have a lettuce wrap option. However the food tasted like cold plastic microwaved garbage. I also hate Whataburger but it was better than this shit.

Loaded the fuck up on some burgers for dinner after our flight

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First official day: California Adventure

We bought our tickets at the hotel at they told us to take photos of our tickets so if we lost them we had photos, heres the front of mine. TATER!

Arriving to the California Hotel for breakfast at Storytellers Cafe

This hotel was pretty cool on the inside, reminded me of Animal Kingdom Lodge.

This place was top rated for Disney breakfast so of course we had to check it out.

Decoration was awesome inside Storytellers

Oy! Were here to see Chip not dale!

What I literally wait all year for. Gluten Free Mickey Waffles.

Didn’t even know who this dude was?!?!!?!?

Sunny day! Wish I would have brought my filter.

Dope signage.

I wanted to get these but forgot to on the way out, grr.

Walked out through the hotel secret park entrance and saw some cool stuff.

I’d love to own this. Cruiser.

Fastpass line for Soarin was like 20 minutes! Still not bad, a lot better than EPCOT’s

Had a cool italian restaurant where you could buy glasses of wine and sit upon the park and see actual vineyards. To cool.

Napa Valley was only 3 hours away I think?


It’s a pretty cool park, probably my bottom 3 however.

Dining area.

Jumped on the Little Mermaid (5) minute wait!

Ariel oh Ariel.

HAD to get pops some Churros, gluten free? no. damnit.

Walked to the front to see what stores there were, entrance was pretty cool with old school characters chattin away.

Back to the Food area checking out our options.

Margaritas? Ah, to early!

Was pretty chill at 11AM

Turn around and see the Ferris Wheel.

Headed over some bridge!

to the Wilderness we go

Found the epic corn dog stand

Finally! a place I’ve been wanting to hit up for years

to cool

This place was like the movie, way mind blown.

Decided to eat here at Flos V8 Cafe

Awesome retro decorations

Getting excited.

Gluten free roast beef sandwich + pickle slaw not bad!!

pops had chicken looked damn good as well

good ol flows

They had a shop with the mini recreation of Cars land in the movie, way cool!

Headed to Bugs Land

First thing I saw in Bugs Land, this is like a California Trend every chic had there flabby ass hanging out. I mean if you had a nice ass sure, but this… no.

It’s tough to be a bug

Tower of Terror?

They changed it, I mean Tower of Terror was WAY better, but the drops are way better now.

Do you want to build a snowman? This show SUCKED compared to Hollywood Studios

wtf is SPIDERMAN doing at DISNEY?

This was an old abandoned ride from Eisners days, Hollywood Celeb ride or something, to cool.

Mark 7 reporting for duty.

I AM GROOT BREAD (not gluten free)

This was awesome, jamming around the park, what a job

Headed back around to the pier, played some games, won a MICKEY

Such a cool pier to play games at, get a card and play on!

Had to grab a bite to snack on, got a dragon tea from the lucky dragon and also got sundae from ghiradelli.

Ready to go up! Not in the crazy one though fuck that noise

Views from the top!

Getting dark makes for some cool photos

Finally our fast pass for Radiator Springs was ready, awesome time and great ride!

You can hear them racing along the path.

Then hit up World of Color end of night show, but we would have rather got a jump on Disney Springs than the crowd.

Gluten Free Delishness at Naples Ristorante!

Moscow Mule Sampler, amazing trio of drinks to try.

Gluten free Love right there, so damn good.


That concludes day 1 of our California trip, stay tuned for tomorrows blog which is visiting the super famous Disneyland! Leave a comment if you enjoyed this park!