Disneyland Trip Day 2: Disneyland! Gluten Free Adventures

very time I hit up Disney World I’ve always thought about what Disneyland was like since I forgot what it was like since it’s been so long since I went. I went when I was 12 years old and hardly remember anything.

Got dropped off by our Uber, guess we walk from here (don’t drive, uber!)

I have to say hands down after visiting, Disneyland is way better than Florida’s Magic Kingdom, that is for sure. It’s real small, quaint and charming with a light sense of magic. Now Disney World gives you the magic for sure, Disneyland was a little hard to get into since it’s in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everything California.

Look’s like it’s going to be a busy ass day! (September 12th, 2017)

The entrance isn’t what I remember but it’s just as amazing as could imagine.




If you’ve never gone, WTF wrong with you.



Just imagine Walt looking at this once it was built, ah the history.


We went during Halloween time, one of my favorite times.

I’ve seen this in so many Disneyland Vlogs, must read it before entering.

Here we go

If you don’t know about this place, just google it. Walt Disney’s apartment is above the fire station. He use to keep the light on when he was in the park.

Looking pretty busy, and the smells are amazing (more on that later).

ahh, this is so awesome.


Lunch at Carnation Cafe

It was 3/5.

We had reservations at the famous Carnation Cafe!

Such awesome interior.

The place next door was closed, so much history to look up.

Gluten Free Eggs Benedict! I had to, never do you find that gluten free. However it wasn’t the best meal.. Carnation Cafe was a thumbs down from everyone in our party. Guess it was an off day.

The windows above Main Street have names of Disney Legends, pretty cool.

These machines pump out scent!

So much smaller than Florida’s Castle, but still an amazing sight.

Your like WOAH there’s already a mountain? This place must be small.

They have a old school wait time trolley, was like woah.

Heard this has been many different things, it was not that impressive, but I’m sure the history was cool.



One of my favorite parts

Welcome to Jurassic Park, NOT! Adventureland!!!

We stumbled upon the Tiki Room show and it was letting people in, perfect timing. I remember watching a vlog about the “secret” bathrooms, SCORE.


Thought this was a “boring” show before I saw it, however I was wrong this shit is legendary.

Very nice, how much

So good, so good. Dole Whip.

This was above the Jungle Cruise I believe, way to cool. RELIC


Our skipper, didn’t think anyone was celebrating a Wednesday, but I was.


disneyland moana

Moana looking good.



Creeping into New Orleans Square

A pretty cool area.

Where I really wanted to go.

get some gluten free ones already!

Mint Julep on point!

The illusive Club 33!

I rang it.

Got shot of the Under Construction Haunted Mansion they were turning into the nightmare before Xmas, shit if I pay to get in all your rides better work, fuck.


Here is link explaining this early envision (awesome read):

1764 Crypt

Lobster Roll (not gluten free) not for me either at Harbor House

Awesome door to Splash Mountain hideout lair???


The Columbia I think? Pretty awesome boat.

This was awesome, had the pre-opening day party here. 1955

golden horseshoe review

I’d love to celebrate a birthday here.

This was an old ride exit “Natures Wonderland” I think was the name, a train ride through different parts of nature. It’s super cool bridge way you can look to your left and see this relic still remaining from the early days.

This was a fish animation still left in the water 50 years later!

This was a Gummy Bear ride and I think a mini boat ride launch bay during Disneylands launch back in the day. Now It’s just a chill zone.



This reminds me of the 1950’s style collectibles I have when Cowboys & Indians were the thing.

Wow, Disney still allows a shooting game? How long before they remove this piece of history..

Is this from 1955?

The original wood cabin??


Chillin with my Chief


Cruising back through Fantasyland

King Arthur Carousel is a carousel attraction located in Fantasyland at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Originally built in 1875, the carousel operated at Sunnyside Beach Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from 1922 onwards. WOAH!

Exiting through the castle, wishing for the keys.

Through this door, I can only imagine..

One mans dream. Hold the hand of Mickey his buddy and pal lololol.

Got a glimpse of the parade! Excellent time to sneak around and head to Tomorrow land.



Paging Tom, Tom Morrow.


It’s too real, all the flashbacks from documentaries, waaat.

This was awesome, brings a smile to everyone’s face.

finding nemo

Finding Nemo? Bunk as fuck, bring back 20,000 leagues under the sea!

Good ol Snacks!

Star Wars Death Star Drink!

The one, the only, the original, the 1964 OG It’s a Small World!

Reminds me of the movie Tomorrowland, where are the VIPS going to go??

Ruh Roh.

Creepy as shit, no?

The old ticket booth for It’s a Small World

the Famous Spinning Tea Cups

Real magic happening on this ride, Storybook Canals.

Stewards for each ride, that’s a stretch!

Walt gave this to his wife Lillian (petrified wood) so cool.


Dinner at Blue Bayou (Gluten Free Friendly)

Totally awesome restaurant, reminds me of the San Angel Inn in Mexico at EPCOT. Totally themed, all restaurants should be like this. (Gluten Free Friendly)


Gluten Free Bread *not pictured*

Maple toasted pecan salad, so damn good after long day of walking. (gluten free)

Oh fuck yeah, some gluten free lamb chops, hell yes so juicy.

Blue Bayou at Disneyland

Inside the Blue Bayou at Disneyland

Just magical.

One mans dream at evening time, even more magical.

Everyone was like yeeee let’s go!

Another window for Bob Gurr who is still a LEGEND.

The most famous of all famous, Walt’s Apartment with the light on to let people know hes in the park.

Until next time Disneyland, if you liked this blog check out yesterdays post where we visited Disney: California Adventure. CHILLIN OUT


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