California Journey Day 3: Universal Studios Hollywood

iconic signage


Day 3 of this EPIC California adventure begins with breakfast at our hotel and then a twenty minute drive through Los Angeles. Then we end up at Universal Studios Hollywood. I remember the Apollo 13 Space Shuttle from when I was 12 and visited. First let’s check out some photos of the cruise through the iconic city, which is trashy as fuck. Just like the breakfast.


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Found the famous sign from far away….

Far Far Away, I see HOLLYWOOD

Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood (nothing like I remember)

They were filming a tv show? Not sure.


Wasn’t THAT busy but it got pretty busy towards the end of the day.

I’ve seen this somewhere before.

choo choo.

Now this is the only reason you get out of bed right? BUTTERBEER

Looks pretty much the same as the one in Florida.


Love all the ornate design of these places, it’s so real I want to goto Hogwarts.

I see it! It’s smaller than I thought. This should be REAL SIZE.

More wands than you could imagine, wands on WANDS ON WANDS.


Toast for Hermoine

inside the beast, about to play some quidditch

Hagrids Hut!

Forgot who cruised this, I would take Hermoine out.

california trends


Moving on to the most hated KRUSTYLAND

I fucking hate the Simpsons and everyone I know does.

BlahBlahBlah people love this shit from other Countries


My favorite part of Hollywood

We walked in right in time! They had different versions with different languages as well.

Overview of FOX Studios I think…


Scene views from atop.

Oh no, not into King Kongs Lair! This was a cool surround 3d ride.

Good ol movie cars, but you never know where the originals are.

Man wish they had the Jaws Ride, wait!

Duh Nu Duh Nu Duh Nu

Hollywood Movie Magic

The old set from Grinch Stole Christmas!

Boeing plane crash!

Oh no, Fast and Furious 3d surround sound theater, more of the same!

Cru signing that Mickey Mouse book.

Had to get some booze going, doh.

Going back down, the entire Hollywood Studios is composed of 3 levels all connected with escalators. Hopefully there isn’t a mudslide anytime soon.


This is just a waste, it’s nothing like Floridas version. It’s garbage.

No proper theming except this, cmon now.

The famous red carpet.

Went to Downtown Universal and found a cool place I found online called Mini Monster, had some amazing bubble teas.


lovely date enjoying some mini monster cotton candy

This was so damn good, and the boba oooh the boba

looks pretty large area, probably bigger than the whole park

more california fashion


no gluten free donuts? fuck you voodoo piece of fat shit

Thank you for coming along my journey to Universal Studios Hollywood. Until next time, well tomorrow we go to San Diego Zoo, let’s go!