Voyager Au Canada for a week! a stay at the Chateau, Yes.

Canada eh? I’ve always wanted to go back since going as a youngin’ to Montreal and this time I wanted to hit up Quebec City. When you google “most Christmas magical places to visit” Quebec City during December is one of the top choices, just google it. It’s such an amazing place with awesome people and beautiful sights. A must visit for anyone who love’s new adventures, architecture and a different culture with a language barrier.

Alors venez pour cette aventure à Québec!

Instead of posting a daily blog series of the entire trip I’ll just make an entire post of my journey with some of the pics I took throughout the journey. Also Gluten Free in Quebec? Yes! It’s very gluten free friendly and some of the best gluten free food around.

air canada

Flew Air Canada the entire route. For me being 6″1 the only thing I was worried about was the size of these jets. However they were comfortable enough and pleasant for a 2-3 hour plane ride no problem. Also saw my first Tim Hortons!


At the Toronto airport I found a gluten free cranberry maple sandwich! WHAT? So good. Also Quebec airport and our luxury 4×4 chariot. Hit Read More!

Château Frontenac

If your coming to Quebec I recommend staying at the Chateau Frontenac. It has history, smell, charm and excellent service. The rooms are decent, not USA 5 star quality but still good enough for a stay for a week. It has easy access to everything Quebec and makes the entire experience 10 times better than staying somewhere else.

Inside of the lobby walking in, so grand.


Had a Christmas tree competition, so many different designs.

Looking outside my window waking up, was like woah! Magic.

Literally staying in a castle!


Walking right outside by the St. Lawrence River

Epic shots.

Architecture here is pretty amazing and inspiring.

Awe-Inspiring. Build in 1893.

This is what makes the city romantic and gives it a magical charm.

Overlooking the St. Lawrence River

Amazing views to wake up too.

I could stay here all year long, literally it’s a relaxing place with a lot of history that makes you want to come back.



A funicular is one of the modes of transport, along with a cable railway and an inclined elevator, which uses a cable traction for movement on a steep slope. Note: This was super fun and cool. From the Castle you take this down to the old city where there are shops, dining, and performing artists.

I was like what is about to happen, this makes the trip so much more exciting.


We are descending back into the 1600’s old Quebec style.

Magical already.


Le Lapin Saute

Had lunch at this awesome Gluten Free establishment. Started to notice the “rabbit + maple” trend and poutine on every menu! I’m getting excited. Not for the rabbit.

Was such an awesome place and had a cool exterior is well. Lined with pots and plants.

You can even see Santa from your dining room table

french food

Forgot what I had but this was an appetizer with gluten free bread

Inside of Lapin

maple creme brulee? yes please.


Will add the rest of the Canada trip photos below since there are so many! I wish I could post them all but some of the best are below, also check the very end for some magical photos.

Headed to go SKI!So beautiful.Gluten Free Bread!Never tire of this view from the Star BucksImagine this covered in snow.Awesome mural on the side of this Christian shop.Saw people doing this so had too lol.Had dinner here one night, epic.Headed to Isle De Orleans.This was legit, got some cider! ICE WINEApple OrchardsMonte Morce Falls or something like that.German Christmas Village, this is worth the entire trip.Another worth the trip thing.Finished off dinner here one night.gluten free buckwheat crepessays it's americas oldest grocery storeChateau Apps at the BarAmazing grub.the MARKET!yesyesFinally tried poutine and gluten free!yesmore gluten free poutine!Cat cafe, yes.


The magical experience in Quebec Canada

Of course the day before we leave it starts to pour down snow like crazy how it should have been the entire time! None the less that night we got some awesome snow photos.


Starting to look amazing out with all this snow fall.

What if you owned this? Yes this is my Castle here.

This setting makes for some cool looking photos.

These snow sled tracks have been here since the 1900’s and been using them ever since.

Adieu Canada, ce fut un voyage agréable. Jusqu'à la prochaine fois!
Farewell Canada, it has been a pleasant time. Until next time!

Walking to board our plane back to Memphis!

Kinder eggs.

A wonderful sight, KINDER EGGS! Which are banned in the USA (least this version with the small toy on the inside). Haven’t seen these since the Mexico days.

Last views on inside Canada!


Would I recommend going to Quebec (a dominantly french speaking city?) Hell yes! I’d go back in a second. Now theres not much to do after you do all the major things however just living in the city, soaking up the culture would be the best part. You quickly become adept at how to handle all the barrier situations with ease. It’s also super gluten friendly which I didn’t read to much online about however it was easy. Most everyone spoke english as well as French and they were all super nice with no one being rude at all. Quebec City made the USA look like a bunch of assholes, no joke. Its crazy how stuck we are in our bubble and think we are the shit, when I’d love to move to Quebec City.

Until next time thanks for checking it out.

Chillin Out.


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