Disney World 2018 Trip Report Day 1: Flight + Springs

Finally the countdown is over and we get to go back to Disney World! The most magical place on Earth. But I think the waiting part is part of the magical journey. I will be posting daily blogs of our trip report and updating. Today we flew in from Little Rock and met up with the rest of our family then checked into our “Magical Vacation Home” and then decided to hit up Disney Springs.

I will review each aspect including the Magical Home part as well! So stick along this week and feel free to ask any questions. There will be a lot of photos and I’ll put some explanations at the bottom. I wanted to do a seperate post on reviewing the Magical Vacation Homes experience but I think I’ll just leave feedback under each photo.


We opted to fly first class on the way their since it usually is a good deal compared to economy. Our plane got upgraded so we got lie flat seats all the way from Little Rock, was an awesome experience and a excellent start.

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Magical Vacation Homes Review


Note: This review was edited and finalized after the entire trip.


Large beautiful interior, totally rad and futuristic. The first level is superior, decorated and totally staged for online sales. It is functional. No Disney Channel !!

So we opted to finally rent an entire home since we were traveling with a family of 8 and it was a lot cheaper option than to stay on property. I would always chose on property no matter how big of a mansion outside of the gates. To me part of the magic is the tv, the location, the setting, the shampoo, etc is what gets me going. The upside is also the drive.

magical vacation homes

The rooms were decorated nicely, had just enough stuff to make you feel welcomed. However, the beds left you crippled.

Our house was in the 20 minute drive each way part of the Magical Vacation Homes area, they do have a variety of zones with houses but majority are in this same area. My overall experience out of 100 was a 65. In the end it makes total sense to stay here with a large family. However there a small things that add up to make you annoyed of the trip. The question you need to ask yourself, is 1 towel enough for a week? Are you really expected to pack your bags full of towels, amenities, shower curtains, doors, etc?


2018 Livin! I mean the place is cool don’t get me wrong, it’s the small things that add up. Everything was comfortable within the living room. That table if you put anything on it, it fell over.

I’ll explain. Our master bedroom had no curtain on the tub, nor a DOOR for the bathroom. You could be taking a shit and look in the mirror and see the bedroom, absolute garbage design. These houses are paper thin, built for money making purposes only. One towel gets used quick, then you need to figure out how to wash/dry it after a day at the park when your dead tired (you literally don’t have enough energy to dry clothes you come home and pass out).

It had a great view, great game room, but honestly after a day at the park and getting home at 10PM who’s going to ever use the gameroom?

Also they said SUPER FAST WIFI (NOT). The WiFi here is unusable, also I had Sprint and got 0 service out here so be warned, the WIFI is garbage and the cell service I had was unusable. Also the most important part of a trip after a long day of walking is the beds. These beds are what made me lose my shit they are like a fucking stiff board, complete garbage. I almost requested a partial refund because of these beds, they skip out on the small things that matter that you don’t think about when you book these “luxurious homes”.

Magical Vacation Homes Review

The service of “heated hot tub” is a scam.

The gameroom in the garage was cool, had it’s on AC, pool table, air hockey, but in reality unless your going for 2 weeks who has enough energy after a long day at the parks to go play pool or air hockey? Also you can’t if other people are asleep due to the paper thin walls. It’s a cool feature to add to an online ad, but in reality for our one week adventure it was a room that after the first day we didn’t even look in.

We did have one neighbor who created drama with the local authorities and was arrested. Also they would walk their dog at 6am barking like a fire truck.

Oh you want your hot tub or pool heated? You mean that doesn’t come with the included price? No. It does not. You must call and make a special request and be charged extra. Guess what, we added it for fun. The first night it worked, the next night after our first long day wanting to go jump in the hot tub, guess was it was COLD. We had to call and they didn’t know why then said we will come turn it on again the next day. The next day the same thing occurred. Finally we used our brains walked around to the side panel and turned it on ourselves, complete garbage service/customer service and FAIL on their part.

Couldn’t help but admire how cool the actual house was minus the bad things.

Also the main factor besides the bed’s being stiff as boards for giving this place a bad deal was the AC. The first floor was AC’d felt fine. The second floor? It was 83 degrees, they told us oh we will send someone out (this was at 7PM) we got back at 11PM and guess what? Still 80 degrees, some of us slept downstairs because it was so hot. Finally the next morning they fixed the AC and it would never go below 74 the entire trip (also there isn’t fans in every room). There is also a note in the contract (Do not turn the AC below 74 or else we will charge you for freeze ups or AC damage). Can you believe that?!!? Who uses the AC at 74?? Also, there is an easy way to get to this place but that entrance is reserved for “members only” and instead you have to drive a mile out of the way do a U-TURN and come back to enter the “Main Entrance” of this place. Don’t look at a map how to get to the home to the parks because you won’t know until you get here and realize it’s a complete shit show to get to your house. Then you need to drive at 15mph for 10 minutes inside the community to get to the rental houses in the very back. It was a nightmare.


In conclusion, if your going to rent a magical vacation home those are just some ideas of what to expect. I would stay at one of these places again because it made sense for the price and space is what our family needed. However I clearly want to educate people on these things because MVH does not do that at all. What they sell is a image of luxury at an affordable price. Also It’s hard to find any actual reviews of this place.


Anyways RANT OVER.

Onto Disney Springs (finally let’s get some magic).

It’s been to long Disney Springs!

Beautiful views from the parking garage, and the parking garage was so full we had to park on the top level. Slowest month my ass!

Ayeeee the hustle and bustle of long park days, sweaty smells, chapped legs and adventure ahead! Who’s ready!

disney springs

I just love the blue water and green trees, this planning of this place was epic. It’s going to get more lush and scenic every year.

¬†Didn’t get a chance this time to go back to Raglan Road but maybe next time. Those gluten free fish and chips are to die for.


Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

Must visit every time to grab some drinks and cocktails, oy It’s DOCTA JONES.

Les go!

Welcome Aboard Mate!

I still haven’t got the green stuff, I always forget.

The views from inside the barge looking onto the BOATHOUSE.

Views from my Kunga Cup, not sure of the name lol. So damn good.

Jock Lindey's

We bought both of these as well, unfortunately they were stolen from our booth by either the waiter or the hostesses 5 minutes after we left the Edison.

The Edison

We decided to try the new restaurant at Disney Springs called the Edison which I guess is a competition with Magic Emporium at Universal City Walk. However I prefer Universal’s but Disney’s I don’t think will last, also 5 minutes after we left either the waitress or hostess jacked our bag that had our souvenir mugs in them. The manager even came and said were no cameras either. What a joke would never go back or support this place, they hire thieves. It wasn’t a customer because we were the only table in 100 ft of the floor. However the food was good, the waitress was gluten knowledgeable but talked WAY to much.

the Edison

Entrance to the new Edison! A steampunk style bar/restaurant at Disney Springs


Cool inside from our table area looking down onto everyone. Was loud and wild when we first got there, then we were almost the only guests.

Cool coasters!


Anybody want some $13 bacon on coat hangers? LOL. Was good though not going to lie, but who wouldn’t be hungry after a long day!


These are gluten free ribs (corn flour) which didn’t know at first but these are the BEST damn ribs I have had in forever, they are like CANDY Ribs. Get them now.


Looking down onto the other side. I wasn’t impressed with the cocktail menu but could have been better.


Moving on…

Cool views of STK. Eh, I’d rather goto an original restaurant than a chain any day.


Dude like double shot of Captain was like $10, fucking bargain over here yo.

had to get a gluten free cupcake from the ATM for sure before the night ends


Thank you for checking out day 1 of our WDW trip report, be sure to tune in later to see the updates from the Flower & Garden festival, MK, AK, and Universal! See you tomorrow.