WDW Trip Report Day 2: 1900 Park Fare & Magic Kingdom


Headed into the Grand Floridian for breakfast

So day 2 at WDW starts at the Grand Floridian for breakfast at the 1900 Park Fare. Being gluten free Disney is good at any place, but why here? Well we had kids this trip and this is the hottest breakfast spot currently according to reservations/tripadvisor etc. The character breakfast is also on point and the characters make a good round, the food was also pretty good. Not as good as Crystal Palace but good. Also a quick tip, it’s easy to navigate the parks since we had a reservation here, we got to park here and jump on the monorail straight to the parks which makes it super easy.

Such a scenic spot to chill at and check out.

Quick parking lot magic band power up before entering.


Here we go!

Let’s go, I didn’t see the famous greeter.



Looking good, love the inside, so spacious and smells of crisp flowers.



Welcome to 1900 Park Fare! The backside of the GF.


First had to scoop me up an Allergen menu which makes it alot easier than having the chef come over. Now all I have to do is look at the menu to see what I can digest.


My first place, ham, tots, sausage links, eggs as I pointed out the obvious. Nothing “unique yet”.

We were creepin each other.

Now this is the only reason I come to Disney World, gluten free mickey mouse waffles! hell to the yes. However the donuts are that one brand you see everywhere but they always destroy me. Even though they are GF.


Inside is pretty cool. After watching that movie the Greatest Showman on Earth it kind of fits in with the scene.Very ornate but simple and clean.

Onto the Monorail to Magic Kingdom!

This is a photo I shot through the GF second floor gift shop. It’s hidden, always thought the first floor was the main gift shop.

Zoom Zoom here we go!



Magic Kingdom

You all know this sign.

Welcome to Magic Kingdom the sign reads. lol.


Magic Kingdom

Welcome to Walt’s Kingdom in Florida, aka the Florida Project. Or is that EPCOT?


Magic Kingdom.

First time seeing this show, was like 100 degrees and could only imagine what there going through. They must have anti sweat make up on.


These legendary horses just chillin, Yo this Walt Disney’s horse right here.


Aye, the kingdom. Aye.


This is where you get your hat stitched at, first time seeing this spot on the right side of main st.


We bought a piece of glass from a glass blower, she was cool.


Greenery Castle Days at MK.


Bruh, you know I had to do it.


One of my favorite rides, however, it’s gone to complete shit nothing to see besides views of the park.


the one, the only, the famous Space Mountain! Well 4 other parks I guess or more have it.


Those shoes, I need a pair anyone know what brand.


Never noticed this in the gift shop near Tomorrow land.


Oooy boyyy!


Disney World Gluten

I should totally have seen this show. Is it good?


They changed the recipe of LaFrous Brew juice and now it tastes like sour piss.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall at the Gift Shop in Gastons Land.


Found a security guard up top the castle. This type of stuff arouses my senses.


The most packed, hottest stretch of land in Magic Kingdom


Wow, first time finding security cameras in Magic Kingdom. I’ve always looked for them and never found them.


The most loved/hated ride of all time at Disney Parks around the globe. It’s a small world!


Disney Magic, she said she made an extra one on accident who wants it? BAM Free Slushlee.




Frontierland Views.


Who’s Harper? Ok googled it, they are named after Tom Harper from Huckleberry Fin Series.


Views from the Splash.


All the bears who turn me on turn me down. Funniest show at WDW.


Splash Mountain! One of my favorite rides of all time.


The Jungle Cruise, it would be a top 5 if they got rid of the SUPER LOUD SPEAKERS BLASTING YOU.


Didn’t get a chance to go here like I did at Disneyland, next time gadget.



Liberty Tree Tavern Dinner

If your gluten free, Liberty Tree Tavern right now is the best spot to eat dinner, it is literally a feast of food, cold AC, and they serve booze.

gluten free dinner rolls, hell yes


gluten free Liberty Tree Tavern

Like yes, yes yes and more yes, all gluten free, all delicious AF.


We were like the only people eating here, to awesome. Everyone was watching the fireworks I guess.



The beautiful castle views. All I could get while we were eating dinner, then had to run back and grub!



I’ve always wanted one of those balloons, don’t know why. I got one!


Castle at night just chillin like yall go home I need to sleep and take a bath.


Awesome views from the second story where the train station is. One of these days I will ride the train.


We opted out of the monorail and decided to take the boat since we parked at Grand Floridian! What a good idea.


Another boat taking guests to other resorts.


The dock at the grand Floridian. That was a awesome boat ride and recommend it for sure.



That concludes day 2 of our WDW trip adventure. If you enjoyed this post stay tuned for tommorow’s adventures at EPCOT and if you missed our flight in and Disney Springs trip check it out below.


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