Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 2018 – Gluten Free Style

WDW Trip Report Day 3: We visit the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival! Was a lot like the Food & Wine Festival except the fact they had a bunch more flowers and topiaries at every turn. The merchandise was eh okay but still can’t find a 2018 poster, GRR! However, check out the adventure below. Also had dinner at Akershus House in Norway. The F&G Festival takes place every year sometime between Feb 28th-May 28th with several events, presentations all on flower & garden topics.

Love seeing the monorail, even before entering EPCOT!

flower and garden

We are IN! We always opt to take the photo at the end of the night, a lot more scenic to have a family photo at night.


The start of some beautiful scenery.

Brother had to rent a scooter due to a recent surgery. They sell out quick so tip get there super early to rent one.

Part of our family didnt eat breakfast so stopped by here to grab a quick bite. I’ve always loved this place and wanted to eat here. But way to many options in the park to go here!



Fuck I love this place.


Of course I had to take a quick stop to Club Cool to spit out Beverly. Doh.



The first exihibt for the Flower & Garden festival we came across. The Butterfly Haven.

Also starting to remember how hot Florida is, the sweat starts dropping, the sun starts shining, and your just like fucking a. Once you sweat everything out it all becomes manageable, ha!

It was like a sauna inside the Butterfly exhibit. But totally fun.


epcot flower & garden festival

It was like the Bellagio in Vegas Observatory.


Lil Baby Butters


Oh the nostalgic scenes everywhere.


First start of checking out the scene photos you’ve seen everywhere online.


Chillin posted up at the 2018 F&G Festival


Daisy Duck Topiary!


Man hopefully they don’t destroy this land. This is one of the last original EPCOT attractions!


Love this Imagination Station. Everyone knows Figment is the shit!!!


I call this one “views”


Smell the nostalgia. Can’t get enough of that shit, the brain loves it.


Stuck into the upstairs Passholders lounge, I mean who comes to Disney to sit on a couch and play the PlayStation? Seriously? However this photo looked digital, so had to post.

The inside is so cool and the architecture is pretty amazing.



Dude! I thought they removed these and sure enough found them by exploring a little further than I usually do! I remember these from when I was a child, it’s amazing the stuff you remember. But those fountains shooting water is still amazing to this this day.


I snapped this because it use to be an old photo store that sold Kodak Film, etc. Thought it was cool. Not sure what it is now.


Sunshine Seasons! A lot of history behind the balloons as well.


These were not gluten free but still had to snap this. I wish they made stuff like this gluten free, I mean why not. It’s so good looking!

Captured a real Willy Wonka Elf!!




The special space tunnel, transports you back to regular size to the human world.


Once out of the Land Pavilion we visited the start of the International Showcase aka Flower & Garden Festival 2018! So join along in check out some of these treats, all gluten free as well.


They had multiple displays and a variety of setups to show how you could sustain a garden and showcase it at your own home.


Look at that EPIC shot.


A display with a bunch of Honey. Bees are highly important, doh!


Looking out to the lagoon.


My first booth, it’s about to go down.


Forgot what booth this was, but the left dish was gluten free. Was like a cauliflower with sweet potato puree. Probably one of the best dishes at the festival.

This was like a rum colada but they said it was gluten free, then found out it wasn’t, the gluten crumbles on top were a clear sign.


One of the meus at the F&G Festival.


Tasty Fact.


The most photographed drink of the F&G Festival. The Violet Lemonade! Was okay, nothing special. Starting to notice all of WDW “special” drinks are now just frozen mixes which get old real fast.


The Canadian booth! Don’t think anything was gluten free at this juncture in the path.


Wait! I was wrong. The bacon + scallops, actually were good and I don’t even like scallops.

Ah Canada, the fresh air, the clean streets, ah I miss Canada always.


Gluten Free Scones in UK, Ice Wine in Canada, Pooh!


Was getting busier! Headed to the UK after visiting the UK’s Cider booth where we got the amazing gluten free scones & ice cream. Nom!


flower and garden

Found this duck chilling in the UK. Also went to the International Gateway shop, always wanted to check it out. Was classy but same old merch. France had some good sweets that were Gluten Free. Another Frozen Drink.


The UK pavilion spotted Alice, and this area was cool for the F&G show because they had the garden decorated with tea leaves that make up the tea. Was totally rad and organic feeling.


Got me some Rose all day in France! With the famous stuck up french servers! There always bitchy and always have an angry face.


Dude, they planted real carrots. Or you think they grew them on the grounds??


Another frozen drink, was little tipsy at this point. Didn’t document enough to remember what it was, my apologies.


Chillin views.


Flowers Everywhere!


Awesome display and logo.


Chillin in Morocco


I get all artsy in this shit.


This one was dope as fuck, no lie.


Traveling to Japan 9 hour walk/flight? No 5 minutes.


Wheres the gluten free food Japan? Quit fucking around.


Okay, Japan had some gluten free salmon dish, not bad. Couldn’t taste it. To much frozen shit.



This guy was like a scavenger hunt bee, you had to find him everywhere to get a free fast pass or something.


Japan Views


Oh Box Sake, yes!


instaworthy or na?


She passed the fuck out.


Japan views 2.


Had to rush through Germany, slight stumble, didn’t even get to shoot a Jager. Super pissed they took away the Barenjager (aka honey jager). Gr.

Different shots, had the famous bubble tea in China, also some more tea in China. A display that was selling plants, flowers, seeds. Totally rad should have that year round. What makes EPCOT awesome stuff like that.


Who doesn’t love this view in CHINA? Totally rad.


Have you ever donated money to Disney Buddha?


The man of the fucking hour JOSE FUCKING CARIOCA!


I’d sleep here, or wait for a ride from Jose to come get me.


Three Cab, Three Cab, JOSE CARIOCA


Oh you know we had to stop at the Tequila Bar and get some shots, why not.


Casamigas Blanco Sangrita!


Always been one of my favorite views inside Disney.


Transported to Norway real quick.


Awesome views before dinner and a quick ride on Frozen! While it wasn’t broken down.


Start of Dinner at Akershus House

Always wanted to eat here and decided to this time around. It was decent, wouldn’t go back because there are so much more scenic spots in EPCOT to eat at. However I guess you book this for the “character dinner” is what it’s aimed towards. However the gluten free options are pretty sweet. Also gluten free Swedish meatballs!


Arriving at Akershus, our table was going to take 20 minutes so we decided to jump on Frozen.




Where is this guy located huh? He’s literally Chillin.


She looked like Snow White, no joke. I think it was actually her.


Gluten Free Swedish Meatballs! Was it Beirtgarden fest, no, but still had to venture out and try something new at WDW!


Cool treasure map near the bathrooms?


The real deal evander holyfield book of all books, this is the fairy tale book on display.


View when we got out of Akershus House!


Everything was closing down!


Grimlin Windows, run!


Good looking views at night, I think EPCOT should be open 24 hours, I mean why not.


Frozen Sisters at night


Love me some Mayan Mexico castle’s at night.


bruh, motha fucking jose carioca


Leaving out, the gift shops should stay open till the last guest leaves, shit!! always closing on me.


See you next time =)


the famous pick up your shit window


To all a goodnight, to all who came to this happy place, welcome!



Thanks for viewing my photos and notes on the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival Adventure! It was awesome and I’d def go again, however I’d prob go back to the Food & Wine festival before the F&G one. In case you missed yesterdays BLOG at MK check it out below.


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