WDW Trip Report Day 4: Animal Kingdom & Pandora

So after our fishing excursion what better place to hit up then Animal Kingdom! MUFASA! SIMBA! Or something like that. Also finally got to check out PANDORA. Oh and the gluten free churros fuck yes!

animal kingomd

Let’s go! This is where you start looking to see how busy the park is going to be. We were like yup, it’s fucking packed.

Ahh, I missed my favorite park.

Some trivia, I read there was a dragon on the entrance because it was suppose to be the Beastly Kingdom with dragons?! There really is a dragon on the entrance of the park. To Cool.



We also came for the 20th anniversary of Animal Kingdom which was a bonus! Who doesn’t love custom Disney gear, but now a days it seems like there is ALWAYS something going on event wise.

Hmm, thinking how much this sign would go for on Ebay?

Love the custom unique maps, there was also some with thick cardstock type feel to it like a real map.



The tree was looking good this time of the year. Didn’t get a chance to watch Bugs Life show, love it. If you don’t know it’s in the tree and it’s like a 4D show which shoots stuff at you, and water, and spiders!


We had reservations at Tusker House but had to wait 20 minutes so went straight to the bar. Also felt like 130degrees out, shit hate the heat.


Toast to my Animal Kingdomights! I forgot which one I ordered but had all 3 lol, there all delicious but I think the Rafiki punch is the best.


Added lil hint of green to this photo, it’s a good photo spot on the walk towards Nepal, it’s kind of a secret.


Lilly Pads

Chillin like Lilly-pads do!


Also had a 20 minute wait for African Safari, this ride is slowly because my least favorite. The microphone is to loud, the dudes are annoying, the ride is so fucking bouncy its stupid, I also get sick or fall asleep almost. They need more Disneyesqe adventure to it. Less fucking bounce ok?


There was something special about this tree, like the oldest tree in Animal Kingdom, but I think it’s a fake one but suppose to be old? Not 100%.


Just chillin and grazy, they should throw in fake animals too to confuse fuck out of everyone.


Onward to the Asia safari trek, which was way to fucking hot to do.


This little majestic creature posed for me.


Sleep on the job.


Lil Asian shit lol


She knew all their names she did, bullshit.


Was nesting and chilling.


Got that corner spot on lock.


Ya if it’s above 90, DONT DO THIS. You have been warned.


Had to go try the FAMOUS GLUTEN FREE CHICKEN NUGGETS. Yes they are SO amazing at the Dinorama spot quick service, craving them now. Quick snack for a pick up.


This place is legendary, to bad they don’t have a “Beastly Kingdom”. It’s for kids and cheesy but classic Disney theme park stuff.


Nomad Lounge– Gluten Free Churro adventure is about to commence, also these cocktails are pretty tasting. Good luck finding a seat, had to wait good 20 minutes to jack a couch.


The one, the only, the world famous Disney Churros! GLUTEN FREE?!?!?! Why the fuck don’t they have these at Disneyland, or all the park for that matter. Must travel all the way to Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom to get them?! Bullshit! So good. Gone before I knew it.


Top down angle for you people who love that shit like me, damn they look good.


Food allergies? Go here, the best gluten free menu in Animal Kingdom besides the lil small quick service cart that was actually closed.


Pandora is looking fresh!


Mountains, trees, really hard to get a normal photo in this place because there is so many things to see and look at.


Something will eat you here.


Don’t touch these, they will kill you.


Oh you didn’t touch those, don’t worry these will drop on your face.


So much you want to touch.


Ok where the fuck are the cool drinks, let’s go! Also the bathrooms smell like Rome Burning in Spaceship Earth.


Lining up to grab us a special Pandora beverage, what could it be?


Got it, must pay in Sheckels or clamshells to afford this tasty treat.


Forgot the name but pissed it was another frozen drink. However the boba balls made it super tasty and the cool paper straw. Epic drink. Would drink again 5 out 5


Who needs a gryffon? You? Him? her? They have thousands. Poor things are alive and just sitting there waiting to be bought and sold.




Place at night starts to get super cool looking.


Had our fast pass for Pandora Ride, it was like a slow moving ride but way to short, but totally awesome. Would put my bed in the boat.



Yes, these boats would be perfect size for a King bed.


Light that shit up Avatar!


Oh he dead


Had to eat in the commissary before we embark on a Pandoran adventure to save the human race.

In line we go soldier.


This place is super sweet, and wasn’t packed at all.


Some tasty gluten free options, kind of like Chipotle or rice bowls.


Then just wait for your cool futuristic food!


Wish Pandora Beer was gluten free =(



That concludes day 4 of our Disney Avatar Animal Kingdom Pandora adventure. Be sure to check out tomorrow when we check out Universal Studios. If you missed the first part of our day on our Fishing excursion. Check it out below.


WDW Trip Report Day 4: Guided Fishing Excursion