Final Day in Florida: Universal Studios Adventure & Hogwarts

Couple things, why the fuck did they change the recipe of the butterbeer, it tasted like garbage the day we went. That is my main complaint for the entire day at Universal, it had me so mind boggled. The foam on top was shitty as well and not that candy flavor. Bullshit. Anyways, let’s begin!

Here we go! The famous Universal people movers, gotta love them. Wish Disney would implement some cool ones.


Got dinner reservations here, can’t wait. Already hungry.



The adventure BEGINS!

Love the theme deco at Universal, some of it is cool.


I rode it, I loved it, I want some more of it. Universal Coasters > Disney Coasters



This is probably my least favorite section. It’s like a cop out of a real park.


Spotted some super heroes.




But first, what is Jurassic Pop, that is gucci.


losing my shit again, can almost taste the froth and butterbeer.


Welcome to Jurassic Park!






damn chica look mad at meho


spotted jenny fucking weasley


was hot as shit, something about snow on roofs and heat doesn’t mix.


Hogs Head! Love this bar, so good, awesome epic bartenders always.


universal hogwarts kitchen cooking it up!


Checking out the hog. doh.


I said let me get a shot of that White Rat Whisky SIR!


Need this in my house above the kitchen, POTIONS!


That guy is truly from Hogwarts, real deal no joke.


Chicken and Taters. Yes.


Roof top photography right here.


Line for the fake butterbeer, they changed the recipe and foam recipe, unless the staff did it wrong. It tasted like diet-butterbeer.


Hogwarts Photography 101.


Love the butterbeer cart. need one.


Homemade Sweets!


Eh, wish this was a “sitting” attraction then I’d do it every time.


Cool shot near Dr. Seuss land.


Oooh yea riding the lil trolleys above the land!!


I also need these in my backyard.


Aged chocolate dolphin rum with coconut flakes.


Tasty brussels app, gluten free all the way.


probably my favorite shot of the entire week, this dude just slow moving through!


so full, will miss you emporium magorium.


until next time city walk! must stop by P!Q now for some custom toys.



that’s all folks.

for our florida trip 2018. next disney trip has to be tokyo or paris for sure. If you missed yesterdays blog post check it out below.

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